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Naruto and Sakuras love part 20:Welcome to Jack @$$!!!
Naruto:Sasuke,Gaara,who wanna do jacka$$ with me?
Sasuke:im in -_-
Gaara:i call bam X3
Kiba:i call weeman!!
Sasuke:Im Steve-o!
Naruto:and im Johnny Knoxville!!Welcome too-
Naruto:O_O,ok lets do this-_-,time for:DIZZY BOXXINGG!!Sasuke vs Steve-o
Sasuke:Steve-o,im a ninja be prepared XD(song:Corona)
Steve-o:-hits Sasuke in face-
Sasuke:-hits him back harder-
Johnny:OK,OK ROUND 2 NEXT!interview steve-os!
Naruto:so,Sasuke,howed u like boxxing steve-o dizzy?
Johnny:so,steve-o,how did you like fighting Sasuke?
Steve-o:It was fun fighting a ninja Johnny!-thumbs up-
Johnny:BAM!!show this young jackass-cateer how to fly a kite out his @ss !!
Gaara:wooohoo!-puts beads u @ss,and flies kite-
Naruto:-Gets big red rocket,and flies all the way across the great hokage stone faces,and falls off-
Johnny/Naruto:Hi im Johnny Knoxville,and Im Naruto Uzumaki!And this was JACKASS!-Naruto Edition!!

XP,did you like that one?CLIFFY!

by Narusakuforevz
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 606
Property: Naruto