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Naruto and--JACK @SS!!!part 2
Were back with more reqruits!!Preston is ...Chouji!!
Preston:Hi Chouji,im preston,youll be KING KONG WITH WEEMAN!!
Weeman:were doing this >:D.-he gets up on the toilet thing and so does Chouji-
Chouji:Im King kong!!and this is weeman!And this is...THE KING KONG BIT!
everyone:-flies planes around them-
Chouji:-breaks the planes-
everyone:-RUNS FROM BULLS-
bam/gaara:run in the car seat-(Song:Ecstasy of Gold)
Naruto/Johnny:-running in house-Thanks for watching im Naruto Uzumaki,and Johnny Knoxville,and that was...JACK @$$-smashed out window by bull-

that was my jack@ss special,if you liked it message me,and ill make a couple more.CLIFFY!!

by Narusakuforevz
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 543
Property: Naruto