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Naruto and-NOT JACK@ss-Sakuras love part 20:Narusakus wedding 1/3
Naruto and the guys were looking for tuxs,and Naruto best men was Gaara and Sasuke,and the girls were doing the same,Sakuras brides maides were Ino and Karin.(Yes i matched them up <.>)
Naruto:hm.Hokage-ish,and i need good looking ish to...
Gaara:-gives him black and red flames at bottom,and pure white silk shirt-
Naruto:Perfect.Thx bro!Now..you should make a sand and black tux.Sasuke,red coat,and black shirt.
Sasu/gaa:ok,thx,it goes with us XD
Sakura:ohh!should i get pink?or orangee?
Ino:pink!Naruto loves you for you,now go be yourself!
Sakura:-gets in pink wedding gown-It looks so cute ^^
Karin:Should i go with black top,and white gown,or blue gown?
Sakura:blue gown.
-Naruto picks out pink/orange cake,and with a hokage and wife,and a vanilla icecreaam-

Cliffy.I gtg,so 3 parts.

by Narusakuforevz
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 719
Property: Naruto