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Kakashi's bad dream
Kakashi is walking through the forest of death when he spots those familiar robes. Kakashi goes to confront the intruder by himself.As the intruder turns Kakashi drops to the ground frightened and amazed. "Obito, Obito Uchia, how this is possible you died that day says Kakashi""That is where you are wrong Kakashi Pain found me and thought i could be of use to his organization, Obito explains." But why the akatskui." growled Kakashi."Pain helped me awaken my mangekyo sharingan now i will kill you kakashi, then i will take the nine tails." (Obito's eyes turn to mangekyo sharingan.just then kakashi awakens from his horrible nightmare

by suigetsuKun1998
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 638
Property: Naruto