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Kakashi's bad dream part 2
kakashi wakes up and goes to the hokage for a mission.The hokage tell kakashi him and team 7 that they must go and scout the forest of death.Kakashi wonders to himself if this is a dream or the real thing. So sauske naruto and sakura head out to the forest of death. Kakashi is on alert with his sharingan when he spots those robes, oh god it cant be this is impossible,. Naruto is second to see the robes and starts to gather energy for sage jutsu. Kakashi runs at there opponent with his chidori when the battle begins. ( Kakashi hits the opponent with chidori and the opponent turns to smoke.)Kakashi wasn't sure if this was a genjutsu or a clone. kakashi can see the figure is behind him and quickly turns around and see no other than The fourth hokage. " Hello kakashi" says Minato." How can this be kakashi thinks to himself as naruto runs to great his dad. but then minato punches naruto square in the face. And kakashi awakens tied to a chair with itachi and kasame watching him cloessly weve captured you and have been using genjutsu to torcher you for hours

by suigetsuKun1998
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 579
Property: Naruto