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Narusaku high(fanfic)1:Hes back!
Naruto walked down the street to Konoha high,and as everyone stared at him,he just kept walking to the high school.The girls were talking about some shopping after school.To Naruto!
Naruto:-walking into the school as the bell rang-
Everyone was staring at him,wondering who he was,and noone could tell,his headband was covering his eyes.
Sakura:Whos that?Well,hes- i cant say it..im dating him...(song:Emergence of Talents)
Naruto:-he just kept walking,saying hi to Gaara walking with him to Homeroom.
Gaara:So,how was training?
Naruto:Learned plenty.Hey,Wheres Sakura-chan?Or Hinata-chan..
Gaara:Hm,well we passed Sakura,and btw,this is homeroom,k?
Naruto:Hm,Ok.-he walked in,sitting in a spot next to Hinata-Hi Hinata!long time no see!
Hinata:Um,D-do I know you?
Naruto:How do you not remember?Its me!The #1 Knuckle headed ninja!
Hinata:0_0,N-n-naruto-kun?!Wow,its been 3 years hasnt it?
Sakura:-walks in,and sees Naruto,frowning very slightly seeing him talking to Hinata-
Naruto:S-so um,Hinata...Do you wanna g-go out?
Naruto:Ok,then ill pick ya up at 8,ok?
Kakashi:Good morning class,today were going outside,to practice!Now..Everyone remembers Naruto,am I-
Sasuke:Ya,We cant forget bout that numbskull!
Naruto:Hey Teme,How bout you shut the hell up?
Sasuke:Ill clobber you punk!!Whats your name?!
Naruto:Guess!-he slightly lifted his headband,to reveal his eyes,and they were bright blue,as always-
Sasuke:Oh,Its YOU!Welcome back.By the way,thanks.That homo would have raped me 9 times a day.
Naruto:Hehheh,no problem.So,Training I heard?
Kakashi:Yup.So,when do we-
Naruto:-gone,on the field already-
Gaara:hehheh..Thats Naruto nowadays.
Sakura:The hell!?Where'd he go?!
Sasuke:The field in the courtyard.-as he appeared right next to him,and then everyone walked outside-
Naruto:We never finished that fight.How bout we finish it by now,what do ya say,Sasuke-teme?
Kakashi:Ok then,theres our fight!Now...BEGIN!
Every one hid themselves not to get hurt.
Naruto:Earth style:earth devouring jutsu!
Sasuke:HOLY SHIT!-He was sent flying,knocking into a wall,getting up wiping off blood-gnn!chidori current!-the chidori flew through the ground,shocking Naruto-
Naruto:-falling to one knee,he made an odd handsign-Lightningfire style: LIGHTNING FIRE TSUNAMI!-the fire surrounded sasuke,and he wasnt able to escape,he was struck by massive lightning once-
Sasuke:-falling to the ground,he activated his sharingan-
Naruto:-not noticing,he formed another handsign-Metal clone jutsu!-metal clones appeared all around the fire,and noticed sasuke activated mangekyou sharingan-DAMN,GET OUT OF THERE GUYS!-the clones dissapeared,aswell did the fire,sasuke walking out-
Sasuke:Not bad...but not good enough,is that all you got loser?
Naruto:That was my warm up baka.(song:fight music)Now.no more jutsu,just sparring..
Sasuke:-gets in stance,and charges at him,trying to punch him-
Naruto:-blocking it,he kicked him in the stomach,and then again,sending him flying into the wall-
Kakashi:BATTLE OVER!Ino,take Sasuke to the infermery.
Ino:O-ok Kakashi-Sensei..
Sakura:0_0.Is that possible?!
Naruto:Well,ill be leaving Next month for sage training.
Kakash:Holy shit!Well,lunch time you kids,Thanks for coming to class.
At lunch,everyone still stares at naruto,except the hr group
Kiba:damn,youve gotten alot stronger..
Hinata:-goes to sit on Narutos lap-(song:Haruka Kanata)
Naruto:H-hey Hinata-chan ^^
Sakura:-she saw Naruto smile,witch made her think that she was unloved,even though she was dating sasuke-
Sasuke:Sakura-chan?Are you ok?-he tried to kiss her,as she ran away tearing lightly-
Naruto:-he watched Sakura,put hinata on the bench,and dissapeared-
Sakura:Why,how did it come to this...I ended loving that stupid BAKA!!
Naruto:-next to her, he sat next to her,against the wall,then he put his arm around her,holding her-dont cry...i hate seeing girls cry,it makes me sad,especially when you cry sakura-chan..
Sakura:-she cryed even more,holding him and hugging him,explaining-
Naruto:S-sakura-chan..I loved both of you,but i know i loved you more..but I told myself,whoever I find first,I have to ask..Im sorry,but I know for a-
Sakura:-she sat up,kissing him,then curling her arms around his neck,neeling her head on his chest-
Naruto:S-sakura-chan...Y-you do love me...-he started to cry to-Yayy xD
Sakura:Well,this day was crazy,b-but...S-sasuke,and H-hinata are my friends..
Naruto:Hinata really loves kiba..and Sasuke was cheating on you..
Sasuke:-appears-So,loser howed you figure out i was f*cking ino.
Naruto:-his eyes turned red,and he then punched sasuke in the face-Hmph, you lost out Teme,your more of a baka then I am!
Ino:Sasuke-kun?Oh- -she was brutally punched in the face by Sakura-O-oww!
Sakura:Ino,why!?We are best friends!
Ino:Why did I do what?!Sasuke-kun,why are you here?
Sasuke:hmph..I was cheating on Sakura,for you Ino-chan.-he then got punched in the face again-
Ino:I wouldve never gone out with you then...
Naruto:-he then had a shadow clone,who made a rasenshuriken,and almost killed Sasuke-Go back to the Gay fag,teme...Or,better yet..go have sex with Madara!!
Sasuke:Y-you bastard...-he then passed out-
Naruto:lets go..

Cliffhanger,my first high fic!!Tell me if u likies!!

by Narusakuforevz
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 6,559
Property: Naruto