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My Naruto seires-book 2
Sakura was waiting at sasuke&#039;s door. &quot;Sasuke&quot;she said lightly as she knocked. He was bairley recondizable in his new clothes, he looked more like a ninja. Sasuke opened the door,&quot;Ah, sakura. I was just coming to your house.&quot; He closed the door behind him. Naruto was with hinata at the bottom of the steps.<br />
<br />
&quot;Sasuke, Sakura! Hey&quot; Naruto said, still loud as ever. &quot;Uh...na...naruto-kun, plewase don&#039;t be so loud.&quot; Sasuke stood shocked. &quot;Hinata, you acctualy said that.&quot; Sasuke had been used to such a silent, gentle hinata. &quot;Sasuke!&quot;Sakura scolded,&quot;Hinata is perfectly normal now.&quot; Hinata gasped&quot;Just now?&quot; Naruto distracted her&quot;Of course you&#039;ve always been normal!&quot;<br />
<br />
They all walked to the ramen house, despite everyone else wanting to forget naruto and go somewhere else. &quot;Naruto, seriously, youre kidding me.&quot; Sasuke said mockingly. &quot;Well, yeah, it&#039;s all i can really aford.&quot; Naruto laughed.<br />
<br />
They all laughed and ate, not knowing the danger that crept slowly on the horizon of Konohagakaru.

by Lolz91
Written: 5 years ago
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Property: Naruto