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Final Battle Naruto Vs. Sasuke Part Final
"How," demanded Sasuke, "How were you able to keep up with me this whole time, Naruto?"
Naruto calmly responded, "Because you're the only one left, the only loose end. When this ends, there can finally be peace, for however long a time. And because this seems the only way to bring you back into the light. But it's mostly because I've proven myself to everyone else except you Sasuke."
"JUST DIE NARUTO!" Sasuke bellowed as the two charged forward, with kunai drawn, for what would be the last exchange of blows. The old friends fought for a long time, trading off shots at each other, keeping up with one another the entire time. When they finally came back apart they immediately went back to the middle.
And that last charge was the end. The two put their kunais through the other at the same time and both stood there for a miinute motionless for a time. Then they btoh fell down, both dead.

The villagers gathered around the bodies of the fallen heroes of the Leaf. The two best of the best had to fall for the world to be saved. And somewhere in the crowd, two infants cried out in inexplicable pain at the sight of their parents.

by Fyrestarr
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 2,132
Property: Naruto