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On an Impulse Chapter One
On an Impulse
Chapter one: Enter the Asylum

Summary: Sakura did it on an impulse; an impulse that tormented her no matter how she tried to be free of it. Love is a twisted thing. Many would kill for it. That's just what she did, but could Sasuke handle that?

A/n: I was inspired to write a fic where Sakura was in jail and Sasuke worked at her prison after watching Madea Goes to Jail. Random right? Dedicated to Guttersnipe and extraordinaire as late birthday gifts for two inspiring friends.

Rating: Mature (for future sexual content, violence, and gore)
Genre: Romance/Angst

Disclaimer: The owner of Naruto is Masashi Kishimoto. On an Impulse belongs to me, SasuSaku-Baby-Maniac. I gain nothing material by writing this and do it solely for fun.

Betas: Wolfie-Wa1614, Veroxion (Thanks sweeties!)

Lieutenant-in-training Sasuke Uchiha’s dark eyes lingered on a specific inmate with flowery pink hair that he found hard to ignore. Her light green eyes followed him, letting him know she saw him staring. He noted that her eyes were shadowed by what appeared to be eyeliner, though how she managed that was a question of prison security.
She stepped in his direction, but she knew she couldn’t come any closer. She wasn’t allowed to be near the fence. She was only allowed to stand outside for thirty minutes after lunch period due to her crime (not to mention attempted escapes), but that didn’t keep her along with many of the other prisoners to look his way. Most leered at him with repulsive lust, some hate, but she was a blank canvas, and in his opinion it made her pretty in an eerie way. He turned away in annoyance at himself for catching her eye.
Sasuke strolled down the dank hallways of Konoha’s Female Correctional Facility. Kakashi Hatake, his mentor, had instructed him to make the night guard rounds for him while the older man buried his masked nose into adult fiction. It was lights out for the inmates so there was barely any sounds from the prison cells he passed by, making it easier to do his work without hassle. Cell 1436, however, held a bit of commotion.
“Hey you, quiet in there.” Sasuke said, stepping closer to the cell. He didn’t see anyone inside. “Show yourself.” Still nothing.
Just as he was about to contact Kakashi, the convict with cherry blossom colored hair fell from the ceiling and slammed her body against the bars. Not having time to wonder how she had climbed and stayed upon the ceiling, he hit the iron bars as the young 19 year old woman pulled his uniform jacket forward. Their lips collided and her tongue took advantage of his shock. In furious revulsion Sasuke jerked away.
“My name’s Sakura. Not ‘Hey you’.”
She leaned closer to him through the bars and licked her pale red lips before whispering, “Feel special. That was my first kiss.” Her leg wrapped around a bar in a swift, harsh humping motion. “I decided I’d kiss you after I saw you staring at me in the courtyard.” For a split-second she smiled sickly sweet at the stunned male with her face scrunching up before returning to its usual blank state. “You can keep my gum, if you want.” He heard the humor in her voice as his coal black eyes reluctantly followed her tongue licking her already dampened lips. He shuddered in disgust and odd arousal.
Scowling he growled, “If you ever do a stunt like that again I’ll have you transferred to solitary confinement.”
“You mean you didn’t like it?” She batted her dark lashes innocently with a smirk. “I guess that’s just a club in your pants, then?”
“Smart ass,” he hissed. “-keep your comments to yourself.”
Sakura just laughed, watching him spit out the gum as he walked away. ‘How the hell did she get gum?’ he wondered absently.
A secretive smile elevated the corners of her pale lips as she lightly touched them. They were tingling from the kiss and she could still taste the inside of his mouth. She almost laughed remembering his reactions but kept it to herself as she went to sit on the stiff double bed of her jail-cell. Blood throbbed between her thighs from the brief human contact and she laughed a short, bittersweet laugh at her own arousal knowing she had nothing to sedate the craving other than time and she certainly wasn’t going to use her hands in such a filthy environment. She’d rather starve herself sexually than risk infection.
He hadn’t recognized her even though she knew his face all too well. She hadn’t expected him to either. She had only remembered his face from her younger years when he had come over to her house to play with her adoptive brother, Naruto, but she had never spoken more than a shy greeting to him. She planned to make sure that he would remember her from that moment on, and her kiss helped with how it at least left an impression.
Abruptly, her foggy gray-green eyes brightened to their usual pastel green as she regained control of herself. Her thin, sickly-pale body trembled as she leaned her forehead against the grimy and frigid iron bars. “N-not,” She stopped to cough up chunks of half-digested food mixed with stomach acid. With a bit of difficulty and hacking, she swallowed the regurgitation back down. “-again…” she rasped out.
‘It’s still just as horrible each and every time… Damn, out of gum.’ she thought to herself, slumping down against the bars and desperately wanting a glass of clean ice-cold water. Her heart thudded almost painfully behind her breast, and her body shook as cold sweats emerged from her skin. Due to the repression of her emotions over the span of her life, Sakura had developed a split-personality that took quite a toll on her both mentally and physically. Living in such harsh conditions made it all the more difficult to deal with.
Cautiously she rose up with a hand clinging to the bars as she stumbled over to her bed. Before she could collapse in exhaustion, she laid down on the uncomfortable furniture and fell asleep within a few seconds of breathing hoarsely.
“I’m home.” Sasuke shouted, shutting the front door behind him.
“Welcome home Sasuke-chan!” Mikoto Uchiha greeted her youngest son, running out of the kitchen to hug him. “How was your first day as Hatake-san’s trainee?”
Resisting the urge to laugh sarcastically, he lied, “It was fine. How was your day?”
The long, black haired 49 year old sighed, “Housework will be housework. Kisa had trouble falling asleep so I spent hours rocking her…” At the mention of his premature baby sister Sasuke glanced at the nursery door near the hallway leading out of the living room. “-yet I can’t fall asleep so I decided to clean up the kitchen a bit. You know, we’re very lucky your father made a trust fund…before…” Tear drops collected at the corners of her soft ebony eyes, but she briskly wiped them away. “You should get to bed.” She spoke as sweetly as she could with a slight crack in her voice and caressed her son’s pale cheek.
“Will you be alright, Okaachan?” He stood at least two feet higher than her and leaned down to receive a kiss on his forehead.
“Yes, yes. Don’t worry about me right now. Off to bed with you.” She smacked his shoulder lightheartedly.
“Heh, yes ma’am…” Sasuke smirked at his mother bossing him as if he was still a mischievous child.
Following his mother’s command, he walked down the hall to his bedroom that resided between Kisa’s room and Itachi’s room. Before entering his bedroom, he gingerly touched his older brother’s mahogany door and whispered to himself in remorse, “Itachi…where are you?” A pang struck inside his chest as if someone had just punched his heart.
Ten months earlier, his father Fugaku Uchiha had been brutally murdered aside thirteen other Uchiha. One body was never found, and that body belonged to Itachi Uchiha. Sasuke didn’t consider if his older brother might still be alive since he cared more to know where the body was either way. Originally he became a police officer to make his family proud and work like his father, who had been chief officer in charge of an undercover law enforcement headquarters, but now he had the goal to find his brother.
Momentarily, he leaned headfirst against his matching mahogany door reminiscing with himself on happy memories of his brother as realization of how tired he was dawned on him. He hadn’t arrived home until almost 1 AM after a seemingly never ending day. As soon as he entered his neatly kept, office-like room he stripped off his shoes and clothes into an uncharacteristically messy lump by his bed before sluggishly laying down on his queen size bed. After pulling up his navy blue comforter to his neck he fell asleep nearly instantaneously.
“Shower time! All of you in the 1400 cells get your asses up!” A female guard shouted while banging a club against the bars of prison cells.
Sakura groaned, tossing from her side to her back then sitting up with a glare. Groggily, she stood up and shivered from the unpleasant contact of the dirty cement floor to her equally dirty bare feet. She rubbed her sore eyes with the back of her scuffed hand thinking about how almost a year had passed since she had awoken to pink and purple clouds painting the sky around a pale cream-orange sun shining delicately through her sheer lace curtains and slept in a bed as soft and fluffy as rabbit fur. She almost began to cry remembering how her mother would wake her up for breakfast by singing badly about getting out of bed.
Bowing her head she prayed quietly, to God or to her mother, she didn’t know, “Give me the strength not to hurt anyone today. You know I need it…”
“I said get your asses up and out! Be lazy about it and you’ll be beat!” The guard’s stony gray eyes observed coolly as prisoners gradually headed toward the shower room with the assistance of other guards. Tucking a dark gray-purple hair strand behind her ear that had fallen from its formal bun, she then blew a whistle at two women who were initiating a fight.
With a thoroughly uninterested face, Sakura passed the tussling women and found her way near the front of the medium sized crowd. “Morning Temari.” Sakura greeted, sparing the dirty blonde a look.
“Morning Sakura.” Temari replied with a smirk that didn’t go unnoticed. “You heard about your new cell mate?”
“Yeah. If I remember right, she’s some prostitute that was screwing the recently fired guard.”
Temari snorted. “She won’t last a day with you.”
Sakura shrugged. “Maybe, maybe not. As long as she doesn’t piss me off I don’t see how things could go wrong.”
“Aren’t you the optimist?” she asked rhetorically.
“Whatever. How long until you’re out of here?”
“As you know I assaulted Shikamaru in his house in Konoha so since I’m in a foreign jail, my sentence was short from the get-go. I’d say I have about a week left.”
“Good for you, though I’ll miss your harshness.”
“Yeah? Heh, tell that to my ex-boyfriend. I’m sure Shikamaru would find that hilarious.”
“Oh sure. You only nearly castrated him. I’m sure he’d love to hear from you.”
“You know what? I’ll miss your smart ass remarks.” Temari rubbed Sakura’s already mused pink hair playfully. Sakura smiled briefly at her friend before returning her gaze to the inmate in front of her.
In the windowless shower room all the cement walls held five showerheads each except the entry wall. There were six walls counting both sides of the wall in the middle of the room. Sakura preferred a shower near a corner since to her it felt more secluded. Temari cared less about seclusion than Sakura but preferred to be near her in case anyone threatened either of them.

Temari and Sakura had become friends after Sakura’s third escape attempt out of ten. Temari discovered the plan and unsurprisingly wanted in on it. Grudgingly the pinkette agreed at the risk of being revealed to the guards. The plan failed thanks to bad timing and guard dogs, but Temari and Sakura viewed each other as accomplices since and eventually even friends.

They could both hold their own in a fight making their friendship more beneficial than harmful. Though others argued one should never completely trust anyone and never depend on anyone but their self. Not to disagree with this, but trust had stopped being questioned between the two females.

‘Routine…that’s all it is. Good Kamisama I miss shampoo…’ Carefully Sakura slipped off her orange jumpsuit jacket then the matching pants, leaving her in a black strapless tube-top that covered her chest like a bra and plain black panties, and folded her neon garments into a tiny stack in a place that would collect the least water. She reached for the hot and cold knobs before being startled by a voice stating, “Your boobs are small.”

With an angry blush Sakura whipped her head in the direction of the voice and barred her teeth at Temari. A shiver crept up her spine and her pale eyes darkened to a gray-green as a voice in her head that sounded like her own only with a wild edge growled, ‘I dare that bitch to say it again. Slitting her throat would be a pleasure.’ Just as furiously Sakura whipped away from the now confused 22 year old. “It’s not exactly a contest.” She mumbled barely audible, trying to keep her temper down.

“I was just stating fact. They’re smaller than mine and most I’ve seen but then again they’re bigger than some I’ve seen, too. Don’t get upset about it. They look good on you.” Breathing was becoming a challenge for Sakura as her heart sped up and her blood pressure rose. “My boobs are pretty average themselves. Why am I even talking to you about this? God, I’m bored.” The blonde female huffed, leaning her arm on Sakura’s head.

“Get. Off.” she hissed through closed teeth.

“Alright, fine.” Temari held up her hands in defense as she backed an inch away.

Sakura closed her eyes, breathing shallowly to calm the raging anger inside her. The voice kept screaming about murder. She loathed closing her eyes because all she saw was darkness and blood. Blood from a night she wished she had forgotten years ago. Nearly hyperventilating, she pressed her forehead against the chilly cement wall in front of her and clutched the handles of the shower. She was remembering the night she lost her parents while her other personality was trying to take over.

“No!” she yelled in a huff, jerking back and stumbling down to the ground.

“Hey, you okay?!” Temari rushed over to her while a few women stared.

Looking shakily at her concerned friend, Sakura nodded with a soft, “Yeah… I am now.”


“Ah, Sasuke-san, Kakashi sent you I presume?” The female guard with dark grey-purple hair asked.

“Yes, he said you had papers he needed.” Sasuke tried his best not to look annoyed at the fact he was being used for menial tasks.

“Yes, here they are.” The women replied, taking out three envelopes from a pocket pouch hooked to her black leather uniform belt and handing them to the young man. “Excuse me for a second.” she pardoned herself, turning around to the doors of the showers and blew her whistle. “Time’s up! Back to your cells!”

Less than a minute after she yelled it, women paraded out of the shower room with dripping wet hair and dampened clothes. Sakura and Temari were about the fifth and sixth out the door. Nearly instinctively Sakura looked over to Sasuke and their eyes met. Something clicked at that moment to Sasuke that he knew her from somewhere other than prison.

“Sakura…” he whispered subconsciously.

“What was that?” The guard asked him.

“Oh. Nothing. I should be going.” He turned to leave after a curt bow, but his eyes remained on Sakura’s. ‘Who is this girl?’

by -SasuSakuCutie-
Written: 3 years ago
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Property: Naruto