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Birth of the Demon Chapter 2
(Anyone that hasn't read the first chapter Birth of the Demon should probably check that out first. You won't really understand what's going on in this chapter if you don't.)

It was difficult but Izuna had come around at last. He had agreed to Madara's terms and led Tsuki and Lune into the forest.

"How much farther Izuna?" Tsuki asked as she yawned.
"Not much farther, Madara is waiting for us just up ahead."

He was holding Lune's hand as they walked through the forest but he was unable to look at her. Once they reached a small clearing Izuna stopped. "You guys stay here, Madara's just up ahead. I'll go get him."
"Why can't we just come with you?" Lune asked.
"No, stay here." Izuna said as he walked farther into the forest.

Tsuki and Lune sat there waiting for the two to get back.
"What's taking them so long? " Tsuki blurted out, "this is ridiculous they drag us out here then leave us alone."

Lune rested her head against a tree branch closing her eyes until she dozed off. She woke up after what seemed like a second later to find herself alone. "Tsuki!" She yelled out but there was no response.
"So, you're finally awake." A whispered in her ear.
She jumped back to see Izuna standing behind her. "You scared me, Izuna where Tsuki?"
"She's with Madara."
"Why did you guys wake me up?"
"We didn't want to wake you."
"Well where are they?" She asked beginning to get worried.
"They're fine Lune." He replied.

There was something wrong she could feel it. She began to get tense when she noticed the moisture in Izuna's eye.
"Why are you crying Izuna?"
"I'm sorry Lune."
"Sorry? Izuna whats going on? Where's Tsuki?"

He grabbed her by the arm as she yelled out for help. Putting his hand against her mouth he stopped her from struggling.
"I love you Lune," he said as he tightened his hold on her and snapped her neck. She suddenly became still as he gently brought her to the floor. Tears began swelling in his eyes as he immediately regretted his decision. He held her close trying to hold in his tears,even now pride had its hold over him.
"I'm sorry Izuna," Madara said suddenly appearing behind him.
"If its any consolation I felt the same way when I took Tsuki's life."
Izuna ignored him and held Lune tight in his arms.
"Izuna, we need to get rid of the body. I'm sorry but sooner or later someone will know she's missing. We have to cremate both of them. But first stand up."
Izuna continued to ignore Madara, still holding Lune. Madara put his hand on his brother's shoulder, "Izuna."
Izuna twirled around grabbing Madara by the throat and activated his Sharingan out of reflex and immediately he loosened his hold on his brother as an intense heat burned in his eyes. Izuna yelled out in agony and tried to deactivate his Sharingan but it was no use. The pain was so unbearable that it dropped him to the floor, he struggled like a mad man but it was futile.
"I know it hurts Izuna but the pain will stop soon. Just bear with it."
His brothers words did nothing to relax him he just couldn't get over how bad the pain was. He remembered how Madara had dealt with it, when his brother was going through it, it didn't look like that bad even though Madara had warned him about the pain.
"GRAAAAHHHHH!!!" Izuna yelled out again as the pain escalated even more until it felt as though he could no longer bear it it began to rapidly fade. Izuna started to calm down as the pain dissipated. He opened his eyes, his vision a blur but began to become detailed until he saw his brother. His worried expression finally came into full detail as he regained his sight.

"You ok?" Madara asked with a chuckle.
"Yeah, I didn't think it would be so bad."
Izuna nearly laughed when he remembered Lune just lying there. Before he could go to her Madara grabbed him.
"Izuna she's gone, we need to get rid of her. Now's not the time for regrets. Either you get rid of her body or I will."
Madara was right, no matter what he did now he couldn't justify what had been done but the fact remained that it had been done.
"I'll do it." He said as he began the handsigns,"fireball justsu."
He breathed out the flames which engulfed her body turning her into ash within seconds.
"It's done." Izuna blurted out.
"Izuna, deactivate your Sharingan. I had never thought about it by the Mangekyo Sharingan looks considerably different from the regular one. If anyone sees it we could be in trouble. Don't activate it until we're in the clear understand?"
"Does mine look anything like yours?" Izuna asked.
"Not really, but it doesn't matter. I'm gonna go speak with Tobi and figure out how to use the Mangekyo. In the mean time don't say anything to anyone. If anyone asks you about Tsuki or Lune, you don't know a thing got it?"
"I'm not an idiot Madara."

They headed back to the encampment. Madara could feel the Mangekyo's power. It was unlike anything he had ever felt before. He felt the same as he had when he had first activated the Sharingan. When they neared the encampment Madara immediately separated from Izuna and headed for Tobi's chamber immediately. There was a guard standing by there which allowed him entrance.
"Ah Madara," Tobi said happy to see him, "have you made your decision."
"I just have a few questions elder. In my rush I forgot to ask. What kind of capabilities does the Mangekyo possess and how would one unlock these abilities if the Mangekyo was achieved."
The elders brow arched as he answered,"There is only two known abilities of the Mangekyo Sharingan. The first being from story about Uchiha Zaqqum. The black flame which he used is no ordinary jutsu. It far surpasses any other fire element technique which is why it was given the name Amaterasu after his death. There was rumour of one other technique that those Uchiha that survived spread. An illusionary technique like no other. This one was given the name of Tsukuyomi. But of course one would have to possess the Mangekyo before either of these abilities could even be considered."
"But how would one be able to use these techniques if they possessed the Mangekyo."
The elder eyed Madara for a moment before answering. "Not much is known about the Mangekyo since Uchiha Zaqqum was the only that possessed it. But I imagine it would be used the same as every other jutsu. The remaining Uchiha at the time decided to hide the truth of Uchiha Zaqqum. But by that time every Uchiha knew about the story. So instead of making it look suspicious the Uchiha began treating it like a fairytale and in time it was seen as such. The first council of elders in the Uchiha was formed directly for that reason. To keep the Uchiha from killing each other. Frankly the Mangekyo was too dangerous. But I'm sure you know all about that Madara. After all you possess it now don't you?"
"No I don't"
"Don't lie to me Madara"
"And what if I did possess it?"
The elder hesitated. "Then you had better of gotten rid of your victims body."
"Do you think me a fool?" Madara turned around to leave.
"What will you do now?" Tobi asked to which Madara replied, "I possess the Mangekyo Sharingan. Inform me of the next time we are hired to fight the Senju. Once I unlock its secrets, Hoshirama Senju will fall and his clan will fall with him."

Madara looked for Izuna and informed him to keep an eye on Elder Tobi.
"Make sure he does nothing while I'm gone."
"Where are you going?"
"To practice."

A few hours of going through the forest Madara found a small village. He walked through the town until he found a young man walking through an alley alone. Genjutsu was simple for every Uchiha but to use Tsukuyomi he would have to use his eyes to cast the illusion. Simple enough, he cast a standard illusion but found his technique to go beyong his control. He found himself in a darkened world with his victim standing within reach.

Madara had been gone a long time and Izuna was getting worried. Tobi had not left his chamber for hours, he wondered if something was going on but dared not enter. Tobi had a nack for getting the truth out of others. As the sun started to set Izuna began to think about Madara more and more.
"Izuna!" Some called from behind him.
Izuna immediately turned around assuming it to be Madara but found his friend Kamal staring back at him.
"What are you doing here? There's a party going on, come on lets go."
"No I can't."
"Why not? What are you doing here?"
Izuna thought about it, Madara was gone and Tobi hadn't left his chambers since he left. What was the harm?
Following Kamal to the general's tent he found it packed with people. Drinks were being handed out to everyone and in the crowded space he lost sight of Kamal.
"Izuna." Someone said from behind him.
Izuna turned around and this time found it to be Madara.
"Madara? Where the hell have you been?"
"I got here about an hour ago and came to the party."
"And you didn't think of telling me? I was waiting out there all day you know."
"Quiet Izuna, lets go outside there's something I've got to tell you."
Once they were outside Madara made sure no one was listening in.
"Well what is it already?
"It's about the Mangekyo. I've figured out how to use it."
"How?" Izuna asked coming closer."
"First of all there are two known techniques. Amaterasu which is a fire element ninjutsu and Tsukuyomi which is an illusionary technique."
"So how do you use em?"
Madara laughed its so simple you'll laugh. "You use the Sharingan."
"Huh? Well no shit sherlock. What are you talking about?"
"The, the gengutsu Tsukuyomi. You know how to cast gengutsu with your Sharingan right?"
"Yea," Izuna replied.
"Well that's all you do, once you activate the Mangekyo just use a standard gengutsu with your Sharingan only instead of a standard Genjutsu Tsukuyomi takes effect. Izuna I have to tell you its unlike any illusion you've ever seen. When using Tsukuyomi it's almost as if you've tasted Gods power. Its amazing."
"What about Amaterasu?"
"That one I didn't use yet, considering its a ninjutsu instead of Gengutsu but I'm sure it works the same way."
"So what now?"
"What now? Hoshirama Senju that's what."
"Are you out of your mind you can't face him yet. Fighting a powerful enemy with a technique you haven't even mastered yet can get you killed Madara, you know this."
"I don't care Izuna, I'm taking over the clan tomorrow and then Hoshirama Senju will burn."

(Arite that's the end of this chapter and I know there wasn't much action don't worry to anyone still reading there will be some in the next chapter. I will try to get the fight between the 1st hokage and Madara out in the next chapter but I still got a little bit to write b4 it gets up to that point. So again thanks for reading and if you like this story send me a message and I'll write the next chapter thanks guys.)

P.S This story is going to be up to when Madara fights the 1st Hokage with the Kyuubi after Konoha is formed so yea... it has a long way to go. But anyways I hope you guys like this story in the future I will also be explaining why Madara only uses one Sharingan eye as Tobi(my own theory) and yea thanks again guys.)

by hussian
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