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Narusaku highfic 7:Wow,i forgot bout tobi,Damn mee!!
Naruto realized tobi was still alive.But not for long,Nagato didnt die.He realized Naruto was going to find him and convince him.He then walked to Naruto,from behind putting his hand on Narutos shoulder.Naruto hesitated.
Nagato:Thank..you..The fight made me realize peace,is possible.Thank you,Naruto Uzumaki.
Naruto:Your welcome.Your not going back to the Akatsuki,are you?
Nagato:No,It would be futile.I would like to live here,i will build up my chakra,and then revive the ones i killed.
Naruto:Thats good..Hey,what ya think bout me goin gangster?XDD
Nagato:Youd look prettyy pimp broski haha.
The next day,Naruto decided to go pimpin jeans,yankee hat,and the leather jacket.Naruto walked into the school,everyone stared at him like the first day back.
Sasuke:Whos that geek.
Gaara:Dont know,were best friends with him,he kicked our asses.
Sakura:O__o,whos the pimp?
Sasuke:Noone knows..
Shikamaru:You guys are bakas..Its NARUTO!
Temari:I know like really.its obvious.Who else has those pimpin jeans beside eminem?!
Naruto:Yo.Sup bitches.And Sakura-chan^^
Sakura:Naruto,whats with the pimp shit?And thank you ^^.
Naruto:What,cant try a new look?
Naruto kissed sakura,and then Zekei tryed Kissing her when noone was around,but was killed,stuck in the trash.
Naruto:I might not be there,but i am.xDD.
Sakura:His breath smelled like donkey piss.
Naruto kissed sakura again,and then went to Lunch,Naruto and Sakura got cheeseburgers.<.>Damn meatlovers.Wait,i love meat.Like in the title 'Damn mee!'dynomitee!
Naruto:Im so good,that im so bad.I love eminem,hes my gangster idel(Mine to)
Sakura:Well,its true.Your a good guy,but your so bad in bad >:33.
Naruto:O__O...Ok then...
Naruto then walked with Sakura,around the village,but senced odd chakra like in the dream.He walked away kissing sakura,he found the man in the mask.
Madara activated his sharingan,looked into Narutos eyes,but Naruto wasnt affected by the sharingan.Naruto poofed.Madara was amazed,but saw Naruto a distance,in sage mode.I appeared Next to him,also in sage mode.

by Narusakuforevz
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 946
Property: Naruto