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"Why Him"-chapt.1
Sakura was crying,saying why,over and over.She wanted to have a reason,but she realized she knew why.She looked at the picture,and Sasuke's body burst through the window.
Three weeks before this!
Naruto walked up to the leaves,and saw his way back to the village.But,saw some gangs trying to rob someone.
Thug:Hey pretty ladyy!You gonna give us your money,or your braw!?
Naruto:How bout Neither?
Naruto bashed the thugs skulls with his brass knuckle.
Naruto:Ahh,thank you dad,these come in handy >>:D
Lady:T-thanks,whats your name?
Naruto gave the women her purse back,walked to the middle of the forest,and sensed his friend walking back to the village.Naruto wanted his comeback t be a surprise,so he hid himself.As Kiba,Ino,and Hinata walked by,he was on the closest tree he could get to,to be at the village.He met Jiraiya,and they jumped down,but naruto poofed.The real Naruto was on the Leaf gate,staring at the village.
Naruto:Guess whos back village??NARUTO UZUMAKI!!!!!

by Narusakuforevz
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 1,021
Property: Naruto