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Birth of the Demon Chapter 3
If you haven't read the other chapters. Else you wont get whats going on.)

"Madara, what do you want now?" The head elder asked with irritation.
"Elder, I have come here to speak with you about the Senju."
"This is why you have asked an audience with this council?" The head elder turned towards Elder Tobi, "was it not you that summoned this council in front of the entire clan Elder Tobi?"
"Listen to the boy, he has something important to say." Tobi replied to the head elder."
"Very well Madara, speak quickly and I hope that you do not shame yourself in front of all of our brothers and sisters."
"Elder, the Senju are advancing on our location. Their destination will lead them straight through our encampment. This is a perfect opportunity for an ambush."
"This is it? Your reason for summoning us? Why should we fight the Senju now so near to our encampment? You would be putting the entire clan at risk."
"The clan is at rish elder," Madara cut him off, "we have been pushed back by the Senju countless times. How long are you going to pretend that we are winning this war? What about the rest of our clan? Does everyone else feel this way? I speak with those that have actually been on the battlefield instead of judging it from far like our dear elders here. Who can really say that we're winning?"
Madara could see that the head elder had become infuriated with his remark.
"Madara! It is not your place to decide the actions of the Uchiha!"
"I am deciding my own actions Elder! I care not for your judgments but for my life and that of the only family I have left," Madara said looking at Izuna.
"You will obey this clan Madara! Our laws forbid you to act on your own! There is also the ceremony to consider! The Uchiha do not engage in battle during the ceremonial week! This clan must remain safe!" The elder replied.
"We are the clan! We're the ones out there fighting because of your decisions! We're the ones protecting this clan with our lives! The ones dying so that you remain safe in your comfortable tent!"
"Madara this is the last time I will tell you! The clan can not engage during the ceremonial week!" Before the elder could continue Madara cut him off again by pull out his kunai and impaling it against the Uchiha Crest. This brought out a surprise by everyone as the elders eyes widened with rage.
"Tradition, the clan, you foolishly hold on to dying beliefs. I have lost all hope for this pathetic clan, the constant refusal to acknowledge the truth while we are buried in history has become this clans tradition. How are we to evolve if rules and regulations are we know? I am leaving to kill Hoshirama Senju anyone that wishes to join me is welcome. Those that don't stay here until the Senju decide to wipe this clan from existence."

Madara disappeared along with Izuna.
"I wasn't expecting that Madara, I thought you said you were gonna take over."
"I will Izuna, but right now the elders have to much hold over the clan. I have to break their grasp and defeating the Senju here and now will do just that."
"What if no one shows up to help?"
"They will Izuna, I garuntee it."

(Scene Change)

"Hoshirama-sama! There are two high chakra levels heading right towards us!"
"What? Is it an ambush?" Hoshirama asked."
"Very possible, their chakra levels are high, they're planning a direct attack."
"With only two?" Hoshirama said puzzled. This had to be an ambush he thought."
Within the next kilometer red flames came down on him, the entire platoon scattered to avoid the flames as Madara appeared behind Hoshirama taking a slice for the back of his neck. Hoshirama dodged it and started his hand seals. Madara watched as a familiar technique was about to be formed.
"Wood Element: Eternal Burial!"
Rock, mud and trees surrounded Madara, until locking him into a prison and then immediately beginning to compress as if to crush Madara. But to Hoshirama's surprise his technique exploded in flames as he finally realized it was Madara.
"Uchiha Madara?! I should've known, only you would try something like this."
Izuna appeared at Madara's side as Hoshirama's platoon circled them.
"Stop!" Hoshirama called out,"Madara why are you attacking us?"
Madara remained silent.
Hoshirama continued, "it's clear who has the advantage Madara and you've never beaten me before. Retreat, this is the only chance I'll give you."
"Are you afraid to fight me Hoshirama?"
One of Hoshirama's subordinates whispered to him, "Hoshirama-sama, its a trick."
"It's fine," Hoshirama replied, "if that's what it takes to end this then fine Madara. This shouldn't take too long."
"Don't worry, I'd rather take him out one on one then risk your lives. Even though we've out numbered him two Uchiha's can still do some serious damage especially these two."
Izuna and the Senju cleared away as Madara faced Hoshirama.
Madara started some handsigns and Hoshirama chuckled,"firestyle, how typical of a Uchiha." He dodged the attack before Madara could even cast it and started had signs of his own.
"Water Style: Jungle Tsunami!"
Madara was surprised at how much water Hoshirama sucked out from the forest around him as he brought it down on him.
"Shit," Madara managed to say, fire element was useless against such a technique.
"Wind Style: Eye of the Hurricane!" An enormous gust of wind began circling the area all around Madara but the air was perfectly calm where he stood. Everyone was blown away even Hoshirama who had to use his Wood Element just to stay in the area. But what mattered was that Hoshirama's Jungle Tsunami had been averted away from Madara. Taking advantage of Hoshirama's momentarily loss of balance Madara continued. Combining earth and fire he created,
"Magma Element: Volcanic Eruption!"
Madara breathed out Magma so thick it burned through the trees and area within seconds creating what appeared to be a lake of fire on the ground while they stood on the trees.
Hoshirama quickly countered this by using his Wood Element Jutsu with Water Element in a series creating a thick circle of ice all around him to keep himself cool then covered himself with a thick layer of earth. As the magma burned through the his rocks it couldn't penetrate the icy cold barrier he had set up after losing much of its heat in the earth barrier. Hoshirama deactivated the technique but neither of them could rest for the magma on the ground had completely shredded the bases of all the trees in the area. The two stopped momentarily while they changed locations to a nearby area. But still the temperature had now become very dry, hot and humid. Not only that but Izuna as well as the other Senju had been lost in all the commotion.
"That was pretty impressive Madara," Hoshirama called out.
Ignoring him Madara began hand signs again, with the air as humid as it was due to his last technique Madara could use his next technique.
"Wind Style Jutsu!" A standard attack as he blew the air out of his mouth. Normally this type of attack wouldn't be too much of a big deal but with the air as hot as it was breathing this much air in would completely burn his opponents lungs causing them to die. Hoshirama however was no fool and quickly countered it with a water style jutsu.
"Water Style Jutsu!" The same standard technique as Madara as he blew water out of his mouth. It slammed into Madara's technique creating a few moments of cool rain to pour down on the two.
"Thanks Madara, I needed that."
So far Hoshirama was just playing defensively but it wasn't due to any strategy, he was toying with Madara and he knew it.
"You think you're so smart Hoshirama, lets see how well you do against the Mangekyo."
"Mangekyo?" Hoshirama asked as Madara shifted his Sharingan activating the Mangkeyo.

Chapter Finish.

by hussian
Written: 3 years ago
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