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"Why Him?" Chapt. 5: Funny time?

Naruto tried running,but couldn't escape....Sasuke almost strangled him to death,and Ino came up with Sais dead body,and kissed Sasuke.Sasuke stopped strangling Naruto,and then Sasuke picked Ino up. "Wha was that for :D" He said happy. "Sai was a rapist,so I picked u,and killed him!" she said in a crazy voice.Naruto ran away,and sasuke just laughed.

Later at sunset,Naruto was running from a robber,when he forgot he was a ninja. Sakura then came up punching the criminal in the mouth,causing his teeth to knock into his brain,thus dieing. "Damn,did i just forget i was a ninja?" The confused male said. "shut up...Cry baby..N-naruto,may-"
she was interrupted by the twitching male."HEY!Im no baby!Wait,yeah,what?
"."D-do u still love me?" she asked nervously. Naruto started to look down,and he dissapeared..

Naruto didn't want to see Sakura at all for the next month or two.He packed his stuff and left for a grave yard to hide in.He brought his homepack,and camped by his grandfather.

Later that week,he saw Sakura at the graveyard.He saw her with flowers,and saw she set them down on two graves.After Sakura left,Naruto saw the graves.

by Narusakuforevz
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 1,188
Property: Naruto