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narusaku high 1
-naruto drives in his car to konoha high and is a senior and the most popular guy at school until sakura comes an he has to get with her but she plays hard to get-

naru: -drives up with sasuke an gaara-
gaara: damn ur car seats feel nice -smiles-
naru: thanks heh its my new escalade
sasu: hmm well i gotta meet karin before she tries to look for me again -disapppears-
gaara: -laughs- tough love i guess
naru; yup im never gonna get a gf -laughs- im a lonewolf or i just do one night stands
gaara: your the man!
naru:-smiles- hellz yeah!
saku:-drives up in a pink car almost hitting naruto with it- oops sorry -hair shines an eyes sparkle-
naru:.....(damn shes fucking hot)
gaara: hm? naruto? -waves hand- you okay?
naru: -blinks- oh yeah heh ill be back -walks to her- um whats ur name?
saku: sakura haruno -walks off-

cliff hanger!!!!!! lol sorry be back with more!!!! >.<

by animesource15
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 1,822
Property: Naruto