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Teme vs Dobe
This story is originally written by my friend, Massu-chan from fanfiction.net. She kindly gave me permission to post this one here.It's random story of Team 7. AU obviously.

Disclaimer: Naruto is the property of Kishimoto Masashi.

It was late in the afternoon when Team 7 finished their daily practice/training. Sakura wasn’t there though since she had a shift in the hospital. So, it was only Kakashi, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sai.

“Let’s call it a day, Boys!” Kakashi said, putting his kunai back to its pouch. “Enough training for today.”

“OKAY!” Naruto exclaimed loudly, pumping his fist up in the air. “It’s time for Ichiraku. RAMEN! RAMEN!! RAMEN!! LET’S GO TOGETHER!!!”

The other three shinobi just exchanged glances and sighed. There’s no choice in choosing the place to eat since Naruto would force them go to the Ichiraku eventually. Besides, they’re so hungry now, any food would do.

“Alright, Naruto…”

“Yes, I’m coming with you, Naruto *smile*”




Ichiraku Ramen, Five Minutes Later…

The four of them were already seated, a bowl of ramen each in front of them. They were all ready to dig in when Naruto nudged Sasuke.
“Eat much, Teme, you’ll need it to regain your strength.”

“Mind your business, Dobe.” Was the Uchiha’s reply.

Naruto scoffed, “You Teme, I was trying to be nice as a friend.”

“Hn, don’t bother then, Dobe.”

Naruto glared at Sasuke, “Why you always call me ‘dobe’, eh Teme? I’m not idiot you know, You Teme!”

Sasuke rolled his eyes and muttered “Yeah, right, dobe.”

“I told you to stop calling me ‘dobe’!”

“Hn, then you stop calling me ‘teme’.”

“Tch, that’s because you are a bastard, a teme!”

“Then you are a dobe too. You deadlast!”

“Damnit! Fine!” Naruto huffed, “I won’t call you ‘teme’ again. You have to stop calling me ‘Dobe’ from now on. You got it, Sasuke-teme?”


“Don’t you dare ‘hn!’ me! I don’t speak asshole language. I asked you if you got it, Sasuke teme?”

“I got it, Naruto do.be.” Sasuke glared at the blonde.

“Ha! You called me ‘dobe’ again!!!”

“You called me ‘teme’ first.”

“I hate you, Sasuke teme!”

“The feeling’s mutual, Naruto dobe!”






“Hn, dobe!”

They glared at each other, kept bickering and completely forgetting their sensei and other teammate and their ramen.

“Yare yare…” Kakashi sighed and rubbed his temples tiredly. “I thought they are supposed to be 17 years old. The third Hokage-sama, Kami blessed his soul, must really hated me when he assigned me to be Sasuke and Naruto’s sensei.”

“Ne, Kakashi-senpai,” Sai said after finishing his bowl.


“Should we tell them that their ramen has soaked now? They will need to order the new ones.”

Kakshi shook his head, “Go ahead, Sai. I'm too tired to stop them right now. But take your own risks. You know what happen when there’s someone interrupting their ‘activity’, don’t you?”

Despite of his smiling face, Sai gulped. There’s no need to deal with Naruto’s rasengan and Sasuke’s chidori right now. He cleared his throat and grinned sheepishly, “Ahh… it would be nice if Sakura is here…”

“Indeed... we could really use her super punch…” Kakashi nodded, glanced again at the still-shouting at each other Sasuke and Naruto.


“Hn! You said ‘asshole’ twice, Dobe you idiot!”


“D.o.b.e. Dobe!”

Soon Naruto activated his rasengan while Sasuke quickly charge his chidori.

Uh oh.

Sai smiled nervously.

“I think it’s our cue to leave, Sai…”


by Yuza_Fumi
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 1,521
Property: Naruto