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"The tale of Uzumaki...." chapter 1
This is my new series how naruto Grew up to be a mature,great,hokage,and was known through his death.

Uzumaki(Namikaze),Naruto his birth certificate said.Minato and kushina were extremely happy.Minato trained Naruto through out his child hood..Naruto was born before the fox was unleashed,so he was the baby that saved the village for few minutes,but the fox was sealed into him,cursing him,and then prvolking him as a stupid,delinquent who has no life.When He was young,about 3 years old,he loved to play in the park.One day,playing with his friend Gaara,and Shikamru,He spotted a little pink-haired girl tearing,he told them he would be back in a minute.Naruto ran up,but tripped to his way to see the girl with the big green eyes.When he spotted her eyes,Naruto was dazzled,he was in love.He asked the girl whats rong,and "Everyone makes fun of me,and i hurt them..Theyre scared of me,and say my forehead is big..I have no real friends besides this one girl,Ino.." she replied. My name is Na ruto,Sakura..I have only 2 friends..But,ill be your friend!I get provolked and thrown things at me,and people talk about me..I dont know why either..I know how you feel."He explained to the confused girl."H-how do you know my name..How?" she asked."You have pink hair..Its as pink as a cherry blossom,you remind me of one,i didnt know it was your name,sorry."he said surprised.Sakuras older sister,nazumi,Pulled her away from the boy.She started to cry,and Naruto slowly walked back to his friends,and after they played tag. When Naruto was 6,He entered the Ninja academy, seeing a boy who he presumed had no family,as Naruto lost his mother at age 5,and his Father getting into a coma,Naruto was alone..He felt deep sadness..Naruto,then asked the boy if he could sit next to him.The boy had a black shirt,blackish-reddish eyes,and white pants,and black hair.Naruto asked his name."Uchiha,Sasuke...yours?" he asked and replied.Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto!Believe it!!"Sakura was staring at Sasuke,but noticed he smiled,and chuckled with Naruto,She has forgetten Naruto.She wondered at the blond boy.Because Sakura has never seen Sasuke smile.Ino shaked her,and Temari started to sing "Sakura and SASUKE SITTIN IN A TREE,H U G G I N G!"Naruto heard Sakuras name,and imideatly,stared at her.Naruto waved,and went over to her."hey!Sakura remember me?!Namikaze Naruto!-"He was interupted by Sasuke"Dont say believe it Baka...""Hehehe!So,do ya remember Sakura-chan?"Naruto covered his mouth and said sorry,but Sakura chuckled"Yeah i remember now..Sasuke is right,you are a baka^^..Im not serious though o_o..." Then Kakashi sensei let the kids do what they want,Naruto walked away from the huge crowd,and said"Hello Kakashi-sensei!!"He said by knowing him by Kakashi taking care of him after Minato got into a car crash.And,since Minato was Kakashi's teacher,Kakashi knew him personally."So,I know you like Sakura..And,i saw Sasuke smile...What did you do?hehheh."Kakashi said.Naruto was confused."Is Sasuke ok?"Naruto asked.Kakashi sighed and said,"Sasuke's brother,Itatchi killed his entire clan when sasuke was 4..Sasuke has been like this ever since".Naruto frowned,and walked away next to Sasuke,as the class fell silent.Naruto said "We may be born alone, but it doesn't mean we have to live or die alone... Solitude is a painful illusion. Love exists for that reason... There is no such thing as being alone.. Whether it is with God, friendship, or love, solitude is only something you create for yourself..(omfgredo Youtube.com)

Sasuke started to tear a little bit.Naruto asked if he could go with Sasuke out around the village.Kakashi said yes,and Naruto is now talking to Sasuke."I know what its like...My dad got in a coma..Im the fox kid to,everything is hard right now..."Naruto said watching Sasuke calm down.
Sasuke said"Yeah life is like that...Thanks Naruto,Alot..."Sasuke said gloomy as they went back to class.Kakashi said school was out for the day.When Narutos father woke up when Naruto was eight,Naruto saw Sasuke training harder than ever.Naruto went to train with him,and Sasuke said he was going to find Itachi and kill him.Naruto stopped.He looked down,and said"Sasuke...Im not letting YOU do this alone...Teme....."He grinned,and Got his grandfather Jiraiya to help,and Naruto,sasuke Were not aloud.So,Iruka sensei wanted to help them with their problems.Sakura was training with genjutsu,and was best friends with both of them.When Naruto was 8 in a half,The first Akatsuki attempt to take Naruto was made.But little did they know,Naruto knew the rasengan and wind elements.He can also slice people,things,and animals in half like Sasukes
chidori flow.But,it was wind,and made it slice,not electrify.Naruto was captured,but broke free because only 2 akatsuki members were needed,theyre names were hako,And momuichi.They both died,and were the 2 weakest akatsuki members.Everyone worried,Naruto came back at age 10,unharmed,but stronger.Naruto walked into the gates at 4A.M. and walked to Sakuras house,bleeding,and asked for medical help.He was stabbed in the thigh,scratched on the stomach,and scratched on his face a lttle bit.Sakura started crying and hugged him waiting and hoping he'd wake up.The next day,Naruto went back to school,and Sasuke was pissed,gloomy,and an asshole."SASUKE-TEME DONT BE MEAN!"Naruto shouted after sasuke was bullying choji for being over-weight."SHUTUP!Loser...You got captured a year ago..I was so worried ya dummy!"Sasuke said harshely,and chuckled,and apologized to choji,they planned it,and Wanted to see if it was the real Naruto."Damn,thats clever o-o."After, Inizuka-sensei gave the kids a clone test, He failed 1 person:Naruto.He did the shadow clone sexy jutsu,not clone.So,later,Naruto found a scroll,and gave it to Mizumi,After he was chasing Mizumi.Naruto did rasengan current,and made sure Mizuki was sent to jail.Naruto never liked mizumi sensei.He was always mean,and never gave kids breaks.

A year later,when Naruto,and everyone else was 12, they passed the ninja acedemy.Naruto found out he loved sakura,not just a silly crush.

Cliffhanger.I liked it because its all my idea :3.

by Narusakuforevz
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 2,725
Property: Naruto