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"The Tale Of Uzumaki" chapter 2

After the boy graduated,he then went to Ichiraku to celebrate.Naruto left,and practiced a new style of training.He trained with Sasuke instead,they both learned New jutsu from each other,and Naruto was informed about the chunin exams.Naruto and Sasuke were determined about it.Sakura was confused,but also wanted to win.At the gate of the forest death,Sakura gave Naruto a note,and told him not to open it up until he was a chunnin.Naruto was confused,but happy.He traveled with his team,but Naruto noticed Sasuke and Ino talking,but Ino kissed Sasuke on the cheek,and Naruto chuckled and pointed.Sakura fake frowned,and Naruto didnt notice if it was fake,so he hugged her,and said it was ok.Inner Sakura said"CHA!!!!!!!!I LOVE THIS GUY!!"in sakuras mind.Sakura started to blush,and HInata was watching,and started to cry,but Kiba helped her and hugged her,so,its like a giant **ssy fest x3.

Naruto went through the forest of death like no tommorrow,but,sasuke bumped into orochimaru and Naruto was knocked out,Sakura couldnt help because she got lost.SO,sasuke had to fight Orochimaru,and failed,sasuke was cursed with the curse mark,Naruto saw Sasuke after he woke up,and sasuke was brainwashed he got to the exams,but fought Naruto there at the gate.Naruto barely beat Sasuke,but finally got him,after loss of blood with sasuke.Naruto dragged sasuke and Sakura in,but he dragged sasuke,and carried sakura.Everyone was shcoked they even made it with the bruises they had.Naruto fought kiba first,and won just like the show.same things happened,except Sasuke's fight was a little longer though.After the forest of death,Sasuke was beating up Naruto for hurting him.Sasuke had major wrath and rage now,He felt like walking out on everyone and especially sakura,who naruto thinks she loves,but,Naruto stabbed a shuriken in the middle of the seal,making him unconchious,and when he woke up,he was fine.He had no cursemark,he wasnt an asshole either."Welcome back teme"Naruto said.

Cliffed bitch,

by Narusakuforevz
Written: 3 years ago
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Property: Naruto