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A Famin' Story part 9-Tale of the Dragon ninja
"Long before the birth of the Sage of Six Paths,there was a time of Elemental Dragon Saints. These Dragon Saints together created the world. However,the eldest Saint,Tristran,Saint of Darkness,sought to rule the world alone and war erupted. Tristran overpowered the other Saints.However,in these times of darkness,all hope was not lost,a young teenage boy called Ryu began his quest to stop Tristran. Legend has it that,Ryu became so powerful that he obtained the world's first and most powerful doujutsu. The Sharingan,Rinnegan and Byakugan originated from it. It was the Rainbow Ryuugan. After releasing his ultimate technique,'Power of the True Soul' Tristran was defeated forever." Saori narrated.

"Wow,and you actually believe I deserve such a name?"Naruto asked. "Sure,I actually admire you.Even with no memory,you fight for strangers.You must have been a great ninja"Saori praised. "Don't say that,it's really embarassing"Naruto said. "But it's true.Anyway,we're having a meeting today,crap!It's almost time!Let's go Ryu!"Saori exclaimed as she pulled Naruto towards the meeting place.

When they arrived, the sages were waiting for them with all the Thieves. "Good,now everyone is here"Sage Hiroku said. "As you all know,for some now we've been planning to attack the Akatsuki,we've waited for so long but the Halls of Prophecy say that day is today!"Sage Hiroshi said. "After so long,we will finally get rid of Zetsu and free our village!"Sage Miroku added.

Saori mobilized her squad. Another squad leader by the name of Ken approached her. "Hey Saori,you've become quite fond of that nameless guy,are you sure he can be trusted?"Ken asked. "He's not nameless,he's called Ryu and you should show him some respect,"Saori said angrily. "You eve n named him after the greatest ninja that ever lived.Do you have feelings for the guy or something?"Ken asked. "What are you insinuating you jerk?!"Saori yelled. "I don't understand the blind faith you have in the guy,better not regret it,"Ken said as they left. Naruto followed close behind.


by LegendaryLordVega
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 1,680
Property: Naruto