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A Flamin' Story Part 10
Tsunade had sent a message to Hinata's team ordering them to return to Konoha but Hinata had sent a reply saying that she would not return without Naruto. One day, a hawk came from Konoha with a message attached to it's leg. Hinata unfastened the message and read it.

"What does it say?"Sakura asked. "It says that the Akatsuki's main base of operation is in Esselnotunahyew village. Since it's possible that Naruto is being held captive there, we are to head there now and rescue him"Hinata said. "That's great news!"Sakura said. "Let's head there now before anything unexpected,"Neji suggested. So they began their journey to Esselnotunahyew unaware of the significant events that were about to take place.

"Zetsu!I've heard rumours about the Thieves planning an attack!They've become too bold!They may hinder our plans,they must be...EXTERMINATED."Madara ordered.(Leave it to Madara to be so mean).
"Doesn't it make you wonder what turn of events have stirred this confrontation?"Zetsu asked. Madara opened his eyes in surprise and smiled. "I see,so that's what it is,Sasuke,in that case,I leave you to handle this situation,"Madara said. "Hmmph,what a waste of my talents"Sasuke said disdainfully."What do you mean?"Zetsu asked. "They are just a bunch of thieves after all,"Sasuke said as he walked away.

Meanwhile,at the outskirts of Esselnotunahyew,the thieves were planning their strategy. "Ryu,why don't you go to the Akatsuki hideout and check whether its heavily guarded,it's just at the end of town.You'll definitely notice it.It's a black building with red clouds painted on it,"Ken said. "Sure" Naruto said as he walked into the town. "Now let's see if he's trustworthy"Ken said. "You're testing him,that's not fair Ken!"Saori growled. "It's called being cautious,"Ken said.

Naruto walked around Esselnotunahyew.He was not known by the villagers so he had no problems. Soon he had reached the edge of town.It was the Northernmost part of the village. There was a huge walled building that fitted Ken's description. "I guess this is the place"Naruto sighed. The Thieves had trailed him to the hideout. They remained hidden in the bushes.

Naruto looked at the wall.He didn't know why but he felt like climbing the wall and in the next instant he was running up the wall.When he reached the top,he hanged from the wall and peered inside.The coast was clear so he somersaulted over the wall and landed silently on the ground.

"S-Saori,did you see what he just did?"Ken asked. Saori nodded with her mouth open. "The only explanation is that the guy you call Ryu is a ninja."Ken said. "That Zetsu is going to have his butt kicked by an elite ninja like Ryu.I can picture it. By now,Ryu is sneaking on the rooftops,he'll silently make his way through a window and eliminate the enemy!"Saori said in excitement.

"Zetsu!ZETSU!Come out here and face me!Or are you scared?!"Naruto's voice broke the silence. Saori and Ken slapped their heads. "I take that back,I think Ryu just might succeed in getting himself killed"Saori said in dismay. "Congratulations Saori, you just succeeded in bringing an idiot to the guild!"Ken said in a bored tone.


by LegendaryLordVega
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 1,192
Property: Naruto