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btw this is my Fanfiction from Fanfiction.net! Enjoy XD
I do not own the song Massacre or Naruto XD


Chapter 1

"I'm done, I quit!" yelled Sasuke, picking up his guitar and stalking out of the studio.

Uchiha Sasuke was the son of Japan's most successful business tycoons, Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha. He was also the younger brother of the famous supermodel/actor Uchiha Itachi.

The teen had previously been in an emo-core rock band called Hebi, but of late, all the manager Orochimaru had wanted to do was control him. He'd had enough and so decided to leave.

Karin burst through the studio doors, running after Sasuke, her long, partially spiky red hair billowing behind her.

"Sasuke-kun, wait!" she yelled. Sasuke stopped walking and turned to facer her, his expression cold and stoic.

"Look Karin, its over, me and you are over, Hebi is over, I'm leaving." With that he turned and walked away, his pale face a stony mask.

A few minutes later he sat on a bench in a park smoking. The Uchiha ran his hand through his spiky black hair and let out the contents of the cigarette in a large sigh. He'd been smoking since he was fourteen; it had always distressed him in times of need. He wasn't on drugs anymore but he still cut. It was a part of him that he just couldn't get rid of. His family didn't care either way. They had just stuck him in rehab because he was ruining their 'image'. Just the mere thought of them made him angry.

"Che," Sasuke muttered a scowl flickering across his beautiful features. He was no longer in a band, what was he supposed to do now? He'd vowed to himself that he'd join the show-biz to get Itachi back, he had to. Sasuke frowned, he'd figure something out, he had to, and it wasn't a choice. The brunette lit another cigarette and leaned back, his eyes lidded.

The seventeen year old was 6'2 and had a slim, almost skinny build of a westerner. He had extremely effeminate features and was constantly called 'beautiful', it was no secret he was proud of them. He had jet black hair that spiked up at the back and got less voluminous towards the nape of his neck. His hair was parted naturally to frame his pale face which was accented with long black eye lashes, kohl and a myriad of piercings. Snake bites adorned his lower lip and a single silver stud pierced his left eyebrow, while three small hoops pierced the upper part of his pinna. His long, slim pale fingers were decorated with black nail polish on his short, well manicured nails. Black skinny jeans with buckled straps lining one pant hugged his long legs and a black elbow length sleeve t-shirt, adorned with a large red lip covered his chest. He wore black converse and a stack of studded bracelets on his right wrist and a spiked cuff on the left as well as a single black fingerless glove. Two studded belts criss-crossed over his slim hips and a spiked dog collar hugged his neck. His appearance was scary to some but he didn't care, in fact he didn't care about anything apart from himself and his music.

Sasuke was immersed in his thoughts when someone knocked the cigarette from his mouth.

"Smoking is bad for your health," said a drawling voice. Instantly a scowl formed on Sasuke's face and he turned to face the stranger, a silent challenge in his eyes.

"What the fuck?" he snapped, one thin eyebrow raised. The speaker was a tall guy with slightly spiky blonde hair that fell over his eyes and onto the bridge of his nose. His sky blue eyes were just visible beneath his blonde hair. On his cheeks were whisker-like scars. He had slightly tanned skin and wore a black and red plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and the first three buttons open. Black skinny jeans adorned his legs and were paired with black converse and a spiked cuff; a spiked collar adorned his neck along with a pair of studded belts that hugged his slim hips. Hangings from the belts were a single pair of hand cuffs. A single stud pierced his lower lip and right brow while his short nails were also painted black.

He stood with his hands in his pockets and had a confident, self satisfied smirk on his face.

"What's your problem teme?" hissed Sasuke, his black kohl rimmed eyes narrowing. He was used to haters because he was emo, but for some reason this guy just pissed him off. The blonde didn't bother to answer Sasuke's question but said,

"Uchiha Sasuke, huh, you're just as gloomy as they said." At this Sasuke bristled.

"Che, you're another fucking fan of Itachi huh?" he sneered "and no I will not get an autograph from him for you, don't ask," said Sasuke, picking up his guitar case and striding off, his hand in his pocket and a cigarette between his lips, the smoke curling around his pale face.

Sasuke flung his towel on his bed, shaking his wet hair out of his eyes. For some reason he couldn't get the strange blonde from the park out of his mind; it's haunted him all evening. He felt as though he knew him from somewhere but he just figured he was one of Itachi's fans and tried to push the thought away. He grabbed the TV remote and turned on the television. At first he wasn't really listening then the word RIRUKA ROCK caught his attention. There was an advertisement for auditions at the RIRUKA ROCK Records.

RIRUKA ROCK was one of Japan's top Recording studios. Most of the famous pop, rock, country and other musicians had all originated from RIRUKA ROCK Records. The brunette concentrated on the ad and found out that the auditions were in two weeks time.

'Nice!' thought Sasuke. He knew his vocals and guitar skills were second to none, it wouldn't take much to win over the judges. 'Two weeks is just enough for me to prepare a new song. Hn, I'll render those judges speechless, then I'll become a celebrity and my revenge against Itachi will be complete.' With these thought in mind the Uchiha turned off the TV, grabbed his guitar and made his way to his personal studio inside the three story mansion in which he lived.

Two Weeks Later

Sasuke stood in front of his full length mirror, surveying his outfit of choice once more. Making a good first impression was a must. He wore a fitted black studded leather jacket, a black t-shirt with red gothic writing, black skinny jeans and black studded combat boots with chains in the place of laces. Two studded belts complete with chain links criss crossed over his hips and a studded dog collar hugged his neck along with a single black and white striped glove on his right hand. He'd not bothered to spike his hair so it hung loosely, brushing his neck. With a confident smirk on his lips, Sasuke slung his guitar case over his shoulder and headed down the stairs and into the driveway where his chauffer waited.

A few minutes later the Uchiha's black limousine pulled up at the impressive RIRUKA ROCK Records building. Sasuke exited the car, telling the driver he'd call him when he was ready. The brunette looked up at the tall, modern building and felt his heart clench in anxiety. He had to do this. He squared his shoulders and walked confidently up the steps and into the lobby. He'd already sent in his application so he quickly asked the secretary at the desk where the audition rooms were. After getting his number Sasuke joined the other contestants in the waiting room, ignoring the whispers that immediately surrounded him. He knew they all recognized who he was, but he didn't care, he never did. Approximately ten people had approached him already, asking about Itachi, but his icy glare had sent them scurrying. He hated the way people ignored his existence. He was always in Itachi's shadow. His parents, who were almost never home, always wanted him to be more like Itachi, it made him sick. No one knew who Itachi really was, and they'd probably never know. He detested the way people only befriended him because of his connections.

After leaving Hebi he hadn't bothered to contact any of his 'friends' from school, he just deleted the missed calls from his phone. In fact he hadn't even bothered to go to school.

Sasuke clenched his fists. He had to ace the auditions, he had to become a star, and he had to get back at Itachi for everything he had done to him. He'd show the world he wasn't just the kid brother of Itachi, he'd prove to everyone he was worth something; and then Itachi wouldn't be able to touch him again, he'd never be able to abuse him again. He'd be free. Maybe he'd even stop smoking and cutting then, just maybe.

The brunette had been so immersed in his thoughts that he didn't hear when his name was called. One of his hired backups waved his hand in front of his face.

"Uchiha it's our turn," Sasuke blinked and slapped his hand away, a dark scowl forming on his face.

"Hn, I heard you."

After composing his song for the auditions, Sasuke had hired a drummer and a bassist/backup vocalist to accompany him in the auditions. The Uchiha stood up, his hands in his pocket, his posture relaxed and a confident smirk on his face. A few second later he entered the room where the auditions took place. The room was large and rectangular in shape. It was sparse except for a long table at which five judges sat and directly across from then was a large platform used as a stage.

Sasuke introduced himself and the song he was going to perform called Massacre and then began with the guttural scream of the first verse.

Oh, this is a problem.
That'll stay with me until I RIP.
This is a habit.
Drugs weren't made for an addict like me.
Close the casket.
Send me to my grave.
Bury me alive.
I don't deserve this,
I don't deserve this place.

I've medicated myself again.
I feel I'm killing my only friend.
I've torn this world asunder, (under)
As I am slipping under.
I'm seeing double.
Everything is breaking away.
My heart is pounding.
Out my chest and punches my face.
So close my casket.
Put me in my grave.
Bury me alive.
I don't deserve this,
I don't deserve this place.

I've medicated myself again.
I feel I'm killing my only friend.
I've torn this world asunder, (under)
As I am slipping under.

Yeah, Yeah I'm going insane.
Sane Sane Sane Sane
Sane! I'm going in... Ohh
I'm going insane!

I've medicated myself again.
I feel I'm killing my only friend.
I've torn this world asunder, (under)
As I am slipping under.

I've medicated
I feel I'm killing
I've torn this world asunder, (under)
As I am slipping under. (slipping under)

I'm going insane
I'm going in
Going insane.

As the last cords of the song faded the judges were left speechless. They were thoroughly impressed by his vocals and ability to play the guitar. He was indeed a musical genius in the making. After sending him outside to wait, the judges began to deliberate.

"Whoa!" said Miko "He was good, the best I've seen today!"

"Definitely!" agreed another judge "his guitar solos were quite complicated for an amateur. And he has quite a good voice, because anyone can scream but not anyone can bring a song to life.

"Agreed," said Nagato quietly, his quite voice ringing in the now silent room.

Uzumaki Nagato was the manager of RIRUKA ROCK and a talented musician and singer. He was once in Japan's most successful visual kei rock band called Akatsuki, but left in order to start RIRUKA ROCK Records. He hadn't agreed with anything the other judges had said for the whole day, so it came as a huge shock to them. Nagato was a man of very few words and was not easily impressed, but Sasuke had broken through that barrier.

"He plays quite extraordinarily well for someone his age and his vocals are superb," said Nagato, his grey eyes staring off into space. "But, he still needs some training. He'd never be able to become a celebrity, not the way he is."

"NANI?" yelled the other judges in disbelief.

"But you just said that his guitar skills and vocals were superb!" yelled Miko, losing her temper with Nagato. He has been disagreeing the whole day but this was the last straw. The Uchiha was from a wealthy influential family, had excellent vocals and an extraordinary musical talent, not to mention he was good looking, he was ready to be Japan's next star!

"Yes I did," said Nagato somewhat nonchalantly "he is all that, but if he became a celebrity he wouldn't be able to grow, there is one factor stopping him from getting better. That is his ego. Even before beginning to play he was over confident and the way he treated his backups it was obvious the he couldn't work in a group, because he likes to be the center of attention. He needs to learn to take advice and work with others, and realize that he's not the best of the best, and then he'll be able to move on." The other judges were silent, they didn't want to agree with Nagato just yet, but there was no denying he spoke the truth, because the more they thought about the Uchiha was the more obvious it became.

A few minutes later Sasuke stood in front of the judges, awaiting their decision. The brunette watched as the manager stood, his red hair partially hiding his face. A confident smirk formed on Sasuke's lips, he had blown their minds away, and there was no way he would be rejected. Then the red head began to speak and he was proven wrong.

"Uchiha Sasuke your audition has been rejected; you cannot join RIRUKA ROCK Records." Sasuke felt as though his world had stopped spinning. He couldn't breathe, he couldn't speak and only one thought crossed his mind. He had failed again, he couldn't prove Itachi wrong; it was true; he was a failure.

"But," Nagato continued "your skills are quite good and it'd be a waste of talent to let you go, so you are welcome to join RIRUKA ROCK's academy, where you will undergo training until you are ready to join the agency. If you are interested please fill out this form," finished the manager, handing a slip of paper to Sasuke.

Sasuke grit his teeth. He couldn't believe the nerve of this guy. He was telling him he wasn't good enough and was trying to send him to some lame school for failures.

'How dare him!' Sasuke thought 'how dare he reject me. It is quite obvious that I am superior to others!' The brunette grabbed the sheet of paper from Nagato and stuffed it in his pocket, not caring that it got crushed.

"Look teme, I don't want anything to do with you or your fucking school. It's already stupid enough that you rejected me; do you really think I'll join some crappy school for failures? Well you're wrong. My talent is obviously above that." With those words the Uchiha stalked off, ignoring the shocked looks the other judges gave him. He knew he was being rude but he didn't care.

"How rude!" yelled Miko when Sasuke left the room in a storm of anger "Does he think because he's some billionaire's son he should—" the judge's rant was silenced when Nagato raised his palm indicating that he wanted her to be quiet.

"He'll come back to seek me out, he will join the academy," said Nagato "that's just how he is, but until he learns that he is not the best he'll never become a star."

Sasuke slammed the bathroom door behind him in a fit of anger, his breath coming in short bursts and hot angry tears streamed down his pale face, he didn't bother to wipe them away; he just let them fall. He was more angry with himself for not being good enough than anything else. His hands shook with anger as he searched through the draws in the cabinet under the sink.

'Itachi was right,' he thought 'I am a failure, a waste of space. What am I if after all these years I still can't get into an agency? Am I not good enough, did I not practice enough?' Sasuke screamed mentally, clamping his teeth down on his lips to bite back a real scream of frustration and anger. Finally he found what he was looking for, it was a small razor wrapped in paper. He quickly discarded the wrapping, and, ignoring the guilt that had began to creep into his mind, the brunette slashed the razor across his write, wincing in pain as the sharp edge sliced his skin. Fresh dark red blood spilled over onto his pale skin and dripped onto the white tiles of the large pristine bathroom. He watched as the blood gushed from his wrist, a small somewhat satisfied smile on his face.

"Hn, that's what you get for being a failure," he whispered. Suddenly the sound of someone chuckling filled his ear. Sasuke spun around his eyes widening in horror. Leaning against the door way of the bathroom was his older brother Itachi, a smirk on his lips and a sadistic amusement glinting in his eyes.

"Talking to yourself now, ey?" he said, his smirk widening "I must say, I am quite glad you've finally accepted what I've been trying to tell you all these years. You are a failure."

"Shut the fuck up and get out," hissed Sasuke through his teeth, his charcoal eyes glinting murderously.

"My, my, is that any way to talk to your aniki? Don't you think I deserve more respect, Sasuke-kun?" said Itachi mockingly as he crossed the room to stand in front of Sasuke.

"Don't come near me!" Sasuke yelled, stumbling backwards, the fear evident in his black eyes. The elder Uchiha smiled when he saw the fear in his brother's eyes.

"You've learned well, haven't you?" Itachi sneered, the amused glint replaced by a malicious look in his eyes. Itachi reached out one pale hand and traced his index finger trailing his otoutou's jaw, watching as Sasuke trembled in fear. Time seemed to have stilled, then Itachi grabbed Sasuke by the neck and slammed his head into the mirror which instantly shattered, its pieces falling to the floor like silver rain.

A mind numbing pain enveloped Sasuke and his vision blurred while warm red blood trickled down his neck. As a wave of dizziness overtook him his body collapsed to the floor. Itachi bent down and grabbed Sasuke by the neck once again, slamming him against the wall. The older Uchiha was incredibly slim but also quite strong. Itachi leaned closer to Sasuke, squeezing his neck tighter.

"Give up on joining the show-biz and then maybe I'll give you a break. You can't compete with me; you are nothing but a failure. You already know what I can do to you so I suggest you follow my advice and give up; because I'm sure you remember the last time, don't you?" Itachi sneered, his eyes burning with hatred. Sasuke forced himself not to puke as the bloody images were conjured in his mind. He hadn't told his parents because they would never believe him and he was too ashamed to tell his friends, he couldn't let anyone know, Itachi would kill him for sure.

"Just leave me alone," Sasuke managed to croak weakly "I haven't done anything to you, so just leave me alone." Itachi pushed Sasuke roughly to the floor and stalked off, his long black hair flowing gracefully behind him, his appearance revealing nothing of the monster he was.

Sasuke crawled to his knees and fumbled around until he found a band aid which he put on his wrist to stem the bleeding. He staggered to his feet, ignoring the crunching of glass as he walked, and slowly made his was out of the bathroom and into his bedroom where he collapsed on the bed. Before he passed out one thought crossed his mind. He had to go to the academy, even if it meant that he mingled with those losers but he had to escape this hell, he had to. And no matter what he wouldn't give up his dream of becoming a rock legend. He would not.

Two Weeks Later

The students of RIRUKA ROCK Academy were in an uproar. They had all heard that the Sasuke Uchiha, the son of Japan's most successful business tycoons and billionaires Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha and the younger brother of the famous model/actor Itachi Uchiha, was attending the academy and his arrival was on the present day. The majority of the students had all crowded out on to the enormous driveway of the academy, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Uchiha Sasuke.

After what seemed like an eternity a gleaming black stretch Range Rover (which had been bought specially for that day) pulled up at the large iron wrought gates of the academy. As a tall slim figure exited the car the girls began screaming, after all meeting someone related to Uchiha Itachi was once in a life time. As the figure straightened his beautiful pale face was revealed, showing his cold, aloof expression. He was dressed in a fitted leopard print jacket with a black fur collar, black skinny jeans with silver chains connecting either pant at the back, black converse and a black t-shirt adorned with silver writing. A black fedora was pulled low over his face, hiding most of his silky black hair, except for the parts that fell around his neck and into his kohl rimmed eyes. On his right hand was a stack of studded bracelets along with a black fingerless glove and on his left hand was a black and white stripped one. A black guitar case was slung over his shoulder and he stuck one hand casually into his pocket and strode confidently through the gates, a slight smirk on his lips.

Sasuke sauntered up the driveway of RIRUKA ROCK Academy, ignoring the squealing girls and the glaring guys. He knew the real reason why they were all gathered out on the driveway. It was simply because of his connections, they all wanted to catch a glimpse of Itachi's little brother. It was always the same; everything was about Itachi, the thought made him sick. The brunette gritted his teeth and forced the thoughts out of his mind. When he entered the building a woman with lavender hair in a bun, secured with a rose clip walked over to him, a friendly smile on her face.

"Konnichiwa, I'm Konan, I assume you're Uchiha Sasuke, ne?" she asked, extending he hand for a hand shake.

"Hn," Sasuke replied, while giving the woman a haughty once over, then shook her hand.

"Good!" she exclaimed, all the while smiling sweetly, ignoring the fact that Sasuke had rudely answered her and looked at her as though she was something stuck to the bottom of his shoe.

"Follow me, onigai shimasu, Sasuke-san," Konan said and began to lead the way. A few minutes later they stopped in front of a door labeled MANAGER on a gold plate. She knocked once and a masculine voice answered,

"Enter." Konan swung the door open to reveal the red haired rocker from Sasuke's audition along with the blonde from the park a few weeks ago. Sasuke's eyes narrowed and he glared daggers and the blonde who smirked in return, his partially hidden blue eyes twinkling with mirth. Sasuke entered the office and Konan shut the door behind him before striding back the way they had come.

"Welcome to RIRUKA ROCK Academy Uchiha Sasuke. I'm Uzumaki Nagato, the manager of RIRUKA ROCK Records and academy." Said Nagato, extending a pale, slim hand to Sasuke who reluctantly shook it,

"This academy is for the extremely talented who need a bit of fine tuning. We are Japan's most elite academy, so I hope you are ready to work hard and live up to our name," finished the reed head, raising one thin eyebrow at Sasuke.

"Che, itsudate," shrugged Sasuke "I know I'm ready." Nagato turned to the blonde beside him and said.

"This is Uzumaki Naruto; he will be your roommate." When Nagato introduced the blonde, Sasuke finally knew why he felt like he knew him. It was because he'd seen his face a few times in magazines and on posters. Uzumaki Naruto was an upcoming artiste as well as fashion model.

"Yo," said Naruto nonchalantly, his confident smirk widening. Sasuke felt murderous, he couldn't believe he had to share a room with this blonde freak.

"Nagato-san I want a room for myself," said Sasuke bluntly "I refuse to share a room with him," he said, inclining his head towards Naruto.

"Get over it Uchiha," said Nagato, his casual tome changing to a harsh, clipped one. "Naruto, show Sasuke the dorms," he said and with that turned his back on the two teens, picked up the cordless phone on his desk and began to dial a number. The two boys took this as their cue to leave and exited the office. When they reached a little way into the hall Naruto said,

"Mataku, lighten up Sasuke, I don't bite or anything, not hard any way, dattebayo!" he said, flashing the Uchiha his signature grin.

"Yurusei dobe, just show me the dorms already then get lost." Naruto rolled his eyes and smirked.

"Teme," he said; his eyes narrowing.

"Dobe," hissed Sasuke and there their rivalry and potential friendship began.

A few minutes later they arrived at the male dorms. On the way Naruto had shown Sasuke the classrooms, studios, cafeteria, sick bay, pools, tennis courts, basket ball court, foot ball field and the enormous stage. To say the Uchiha was impressed was an understatement but not for anything would he admit it.

Naruto opened a door to reveal a large bedroom with single beds at either end; two walk in closets complete with a bathroom with a Jacuzzi and shower stall. The room was decorated in black and red with a visual kei theme. Pictures of the latest and most famous visual kei and emo-core bands lined the walls. A large flat screen TV stood at another end of the room beside a large widow complete with a window seat. A plush black sofa sat in front of the television with glass center table in the middle. Sasuke raised an eyebrow,

"Not bad," he said "I guess I could handle this for a while." In reality he loved the room, but of course he couldn't and wouldn't say it.

"Feh, you love it don't you?" asked Naruto, a grin on his tanned face.

"It's ok," replied Sasuke stoically. Naruto just rolled his eyes and crossed the room to the bed on the left, kicked off his shoes and lay on his back. Sasuke rested his guitar on the other bed and gave the room another once over. His suitcases had been delivered the day before and judging from the full closet next to his bed he figured his clothing has been unpacked for him.

'I could get used to this,' thought Sasuke 'I definitely could.' The brunette turned to Naruto, a scowl forming on his usually stoic face.

"Look dobe; just don't get in my way ok? I don't wasn't anything to do with people like you who only talk to me because I'm Itachi's otoutou or because my parents are filthy rich. I just thought I'd let you know." With that the arrogant Uchiha strode over to the bathroom, pulling the door open, but before he could slam it shut Naruto began to speak. His tone was different to its usually cheerful one, or the confident smug one he used sometimes. Instead it was dead serious, almost dark.

"Don't judge me Uchiha-san, not because everyone you have met so far has been that way means I am too. You know nothing about me, so don't judge, teme," finished the blonde, a slight sneer tingeing his voice.

"Hn," growled Sasuke and shut the bathroom door behind him, but for some reason the blonde's words still rang in his head.

A week sped by quickly and before Sasuke knew it he was caught up in the academy. He had left a note before he had left home for the academy, it had been a week since then and still his parents didn't call. Maybe they hadn't come home as yet, or maybe they just didn't care. He didn't know and he didn't care to find out. Once he'd settled in at the academy people had flocked him, constantly asking about Itachi. He'd let them know he wanted nothing to do with them and eventually the left him alone. He was one of the top students at the academy, but he was almost never first, but constantly second. The blonde called Uzumaki Naruto was good. In fact he was amazing. Sasuke hadn't expected him to be that good; he had always thought he was all talk. Their rivalry was quite intense but neither minded. Naruto's vocals were good but nowhere near as good as Sasuke's, but his guitar skills were stellar. They topped Sasuke's by far.

It was lunch break at the RIRUKA ROCK Academy. All the students had poured outside, desperate to feel the fresh air after a long mathematics class. RIRUKA ROCK Academy was a musical academy, but they also taught the usual subjects learnt at school, that way the students would not miss out on their education.

Sasuke strode down the steps leading into the large gardens where the students milled. As the brunette made his way across the lawn the students in his way quickly scampered aside. He was well known for his cold attitude and icy glares, no one really wanted to talk to him, and definitely not get on his bad side. After a few seconds of searching he found an empty bench under a large Sakura tree in a semi deserted part of the lawn. A little way off was Uzumaki and his band of friends, but Sasuke didn't care, they weren't hard to ignore. He didn't know who the other teens with Uzumaki were, he'd seen them in class a few times but that was it. They were never any of the people who mobbed him so he never spoke to them. He didn't have any friends at the academy and he didn't mind, he was a loner after all, plus the other students only wanted to befriend him because of his connections, and because of that he's rather be friendless. His other 'friends' from his old school had stopped trying to contact him; he figured they'd given up on him, but he didn't care, he never did. The brunette picked at his food, his mind lost in his thoughts. He wasn't really hungry, not after the call he'd gotten a bit earlier from Itachi, it only served to remind him of the 'gift' his oniisan had given him before he left for the academy. A voice suddenly interrupted his thoughts and he pushed the bloody pictures in his mind's eyes aside, and focused, it was Uzumaki.

"Hey, Sasuke-teme!" yelled Naruto from his spot under a nearby Sakura tree. Sasuke ignored him and continued to pick at his food, he didn't know what the dobe's problem was but after he'd blatantly told him to leave him alone he still continued to try an befriend him. The brunette just couldn't understand why he kept trying so hard, after all he was just like the rest of people, right? He only wanted to befriend him became of his connections, not because of who he was as a person.

Sasuke continued to ignore Naruto until the blonde got up and marched over to where Sasuke sat and yanked him up off the bench.

"Nani?" Sasuke spat, "what's your problem dobe?"

"Che, chill out teme, I just wanted you to meet my friends." Sasuke glared over to where a group of teens sat, all looking at him and Naruto with bewildered expressions. Suddenly a surge of loneliness overtook him. Maybe it would be ok if he met them, he didn't have to get close to them or anything; they would just be acquaintances.

"Hn, itsudate," Sasuke shrugged and made his way over to where they sat; Naruto began to introduce his friends, who were all aloof towards Sasuke, it was obvious none of them liked him.

After the introductions the group fell silent. The deadly silence continued to thicken until someone spoke.

"So what would the high and mighty Uchiha be doing at this academy?" said the teen with long brown hair, a sneer forming on his face. Sasuke turned to face the speaker, his eyes narrowing. The one who had asked the question was Hyuuga Neji. He was quite talented with the guitar and could sing too. He was stuck up, vain and Sasuke absolutely hated him (not that he liked most people). Neji returned Sasuke's glare and raised one thin eyebrow in a silent challenge. He hated the Uchiha. The brunette was constantly rude to everyone and acted as though he was Kami's gift to humans.

"Ne? You haven't answered by question Uchiha," sneered Neji, his pearly white eyes flashing dangerously. Sasuke gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. He couldn't tell them the real reason why he was at the academy, they'd find out about what Itachi had done to him and he couldn't let anyone find out, he definitely couldn't.

"It's not courtesy to ask someone about their self without telling them about themselves first, Hyuuga-san," said Sasuke, his raven eyes burning with intensity. Neji just scowled and ignored Sasuke. The Uchiha could feel everyone's eyes on him, the only person who wasn't glaring at him was a Lolita girl with pale skin, pearly white eyes like Neji's and long black hair that looked violet in some lights. In fact she wasn't looking at him at all. The only time she'd looked at him was when Naruto had introduced her and even then she wouldn't meet his eyes. Hyuuga Hinata, he thought that was what she was called, he couldn't quite remember. He didn't know what her problem was but just chalked it up to being Neji's cousin.

Suddenly a heavy rock song blasted from Sasuke's pocket, he slipped out a sleek black i-phone and answered in a cold tone, then walked a little way off from the group of teens.

Ino watched as Hinata's pearly eyes discreetly followed Sasuke as he argued heatedly with whoever was on the other end of the phone. She had noticed that the Hyuuga would not look Sasuke in the eye and every time she caught him looking at her, a blush stained her pale cheeks. Ino turned to Hinata, a determined expression on her face.

"You like Sasuke, don't you, Hina-chan?" asked Ino seriously, her blue eyes boring into Hinata's soul.

"W-What?" Hinata stammered, her white eyes widening as a cherry red blush stained her cheeks. "Of course not Ino, I barely know him," she said, a somewhat irritable tone tingeing her usually gentle voice. It was no secret that Hinata had once had a crush on Naruto, but she'd gotten over it as soon as she had found out that he was a bit of a player. Hinata and Ino's argument brought Tenten and Sakura over.

"What's going on?" asked Sakura, looking in confusion from Ino's serious face to Hinata's flushed one.

"Oh nothing," replied Ino airily "it's just that Hina-chan doesn't want to admit that she has a crush on Sasuke."

"Oh?" said Sakura, her tone taking on a hint of teasing and her green eyes sparkled in amusement. "I didn't know you liked the emo/visual kei type Hinata, but I must say you've made a good choice, he's quite the mystery guy."

"She likes em dark and mysterious," added Tenten, causing Sakura and Ino to dissolve into a fit of giggles. Hinata pursed her lips and shook her head, but the blush on her cheeks would not fade.

"Aw, c'mon Hinata it won't kill you to admit it," said Sakura, her grin widening.

"Iie, "said Hinata "besides I don't even know him."

"Che," scoffed Ino "you can get to know him so that's not an excuse." Hinata rolled her eyes and threw her hands up in an action of surrender.

"Fine, I do think he's hot!" she said quietly, her whole face heating up.

"I knew it!" yelled Ino, Sakura and Tenten in unison, their faces splitting into grins.

"Don't worry, we won't say a word," said Ino "But you better snatch him up before someone else does," she said sultrily while licking her lips. At this Sakura, Tenten and Hinata cracked up; sometimes Ino was just too much.

Sasuke ended the call, the scowl on his face deepening. He couldn't believe the nerve of that bastard Orochimaru. He'd called saying he'd found out that Sasuke had failed his auditions and that he was now in some loser talent school. He'd offered to make the Uchiha a star immediately if he re-joined Hebi. For a moment it seemed like a good idea, because he didn't know how long he'd have to be at the academy before he actually got into RIRUKA ROCK Records. But he wanted nothing to do with the teme Orochimaru, so he had declined the offer. His cold rejection had infuriated the snake-like man who then swore to get Sasuke back and make him see what he was missing by not re-joining Hebi.

Sasuke slipped the phone back into his pocket and made his way back to the group of teens sitting under the tree. As he walked up to the group he noticed Naruto with a book in his hand.

"What are you doing with that, dobe?" asked Sasuke, snatching the book from Naruto's hands.

"I found it on the ground; you dropped it when you answered your phone."

"Hn, I didn't give you permission to go leafing through my book, so hands off Uzumaki," said Sasuke snidely.

"The songs in it are really good, have you but music to them yet?" asked Naruto, completely ignoring Sasuke's previous remark.

"No, not all of them," replied Sasuke, a bit taken aback by Naruto's compliment.

"Oh, you should, if you need help I'm willing to aid,' grinned Naruto.

'What's with him?' thought Sasuke somewhat confusedly 'why does he keep trying to befriend me?' The brunette opened his mouth to say something cutting when he felt the small book of songs snatched out of his hand. Sasuke spun to face the thief.

"Nani?" he spat at the spiky brown haired boy who now had the book in his hands.

"Give it a rest Uchiha," drawled Kiba arrogantly "I was just interested in your songs, that's all."

"Fuck off Inuzuka," said Sasuke snatching the book back. As he did so something small and silver dropped from in between the pages. Kiba bent and picked up the object, his eyes widening when he realized what it was. It was a small heavily blood stained razor blade. Sasuke felt his lips part in shock and horror.

'How did that get there?' he thought, and then he remembered. After his last 'escapade' he'd slipped it into his pants pocket, it must have slipped between the pages of the book when he put it in his pocket.

Kiba's lips turned up in a sneer as he said,

"Don't tell me the almighty Uchiha is depressed and cutting himself, how pathetic, are you that much of a failure?" he sneered.

"Give it back Inuzuka," hissed Sasuke, bristling at the word failure.

"Why should I?" Kiba sneered. Sasuke wasted no time and lunged at Kiba, knocking the feral looking teen to the ground. The razor was also knocked from his hand and it went spinning into the grass a few inches away, stopping in front of Ino. At the commotion the two teens were making, Ino, Sakura, Hinata, Neji, Shikamaru (who was sleeping) and Gaara all turned to at Kiba and Sasuke. Ino then noticed the object at her feet and picked it up gingerly, a look of disgust and horror forming on her face when she realized what it was.

"Whose own is this?" she asked, holding the razor by the tips of her fingers and as far away from her clothing as possible.

"It's mine," said Sasuke coldly, striding over to Ino and snatching it from her hands, then stuffed it into his pocket. Time seemed to have stilled and an eerie silence fell over the group of teens. They had all clearly seen the blood stained razor and immediately their minds solved the mystery as to why it was in Sasuke's pocket, they had discovered one of his secrets. Eventually the silence was broken by none other than the tattooed Kiba Inuzuka.

"Honto. Really, you're pathetic Uchiha if you have to resort to—"his words were cut short by Naruto who yelled,

"Yurusei!" his sky blue eyes darkening to a navy blue and his lips set in a harsh line. "Shut up Kiba, just shut up," snapped Naruto. Sasuke could feel all sixteen pairs of eyes on him, and for once in his life he was at a loss for words.

Naruto felt something snap inside of him when he saw Sasuke's eyes. They were their usual cold, aloof and angry self but something else had surfaced. It was dark, lonely and sad, something that was calling out for help, something that Naruto understood. He used to have that same look in his eyes. He was once a homeless orphan and was constantly abused by people who took him in, he'd been through over 14 foster families, and all were abusive. He was found by Nagato after he'd run away from his foster home, the red head had been related to Naruto's deceased mother and had been searching for the blonde gaki for a while, but his foster family had gone to great lengths to prevent Nagato from finding him. He'd taught him to play the guitar, and upon seeing that he had talent put him in the RIRUKA ROCK Academy when it had been started.

Suddenly Sasuke found his tongue again and he turned to face the group of teens, his face back to its stoic mask, his eyes betraying nothing.

"Don't judge me, don't you fucking dare judge me," he hissed, he could already see the pity in their eyes and he hated it. A shrill bell pierced the air and the teens gathered their belongings and turned away from Sasuke in silence, making their way back to the academy as lunch break was over. Only one person was left behind apart from Sasuke. The Uchiha watched as Naruto seemed to contemplate saying something. He opened his mouth then closed and turned, making his way back to the academy.

"Choto mate," said Sasuke, stopping the blonde in his tracks.

"Why did you do that?" he asked.

"What?" Naruto replied.

"Why did you stop Inuzuka? Why didn't you just let him scorn me?" For a split second it seemed as though Naruto was not going to answer, then he turned his head slightly so his blue eyes were able to meet Sasuke's as they bore into his soul.

"Because you are like me, I understand you," said Naruto while adding in his mind 'to some extent.' He then continued walking, leaving a shocked Sasuke behind.

'What did he mean by that?' thought Sasuke somewhat angrily 'he can't be like me, it's impossible, he can't understand, he's just a spoilt dobe.' He repeated these words over and over in his mind, but for some reason the seemed empty, he just couldn't believe them.

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