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Sharingan Chapter 2
Disclaimer : I do not own the song Anthem by bring me the horizon

Chapter 2

Sasuke sat at his usual spot under the Sakura tree a cigarette between his lips. His vocals teacher had told him that he should quit smoking because it would eventually damage his voice box. But despite his sensei's warning he's lit the cigarette, besides he hadn't smoked since he arrived at the academy, which was quite a while ago so he was getting closer to quitting. As Sasuke finished the cigarette he heard a familiar voice.

"Smoking is bad for ya Uchiha," said Kiba smugly.

"Che, I know," replied Sasuke and threw the cigarette stub on the ground then stepped on it to out it.

"What do you want, Inuzuka?" sneered Sasuke. He waited for Kiba to answer but there was only silence. Sasuke turned to look at the teen to see what was wrong. Kiba stood with his fists clenched and his head held low. It seemed as though he was struggling with something. The seconds ticked by then finally he blurted,

"Mataku, I'm sorry Uchiha!" Sasuke's eyes widened in shock, he'd never been apologized to by anyone, so it came as a huge shock, especially from someone like Kiba. The Inuzuka was well known for his fiery temper and brash ways, he NEVER apologized; this was the first time. After he'd insulted Sasuke the rest of his friends had berated him, saying he didn't know anything about the Uchiha so he shouldn't have said what he did. It had been two weeks since then but Kiba had just worked up the courage to apologize to Sasuke.

Sasuke felt frozen, he didn't know what to say or do; no one had apologized to him before, not even his own family. Kiba looked up, expecting to see a scornful sneer on Sasuke's face, but instead all he saw was shock.

'Why is he so shocked? Hasn't anyone apologized to him before?' thought Kiba somewhat confusedly. After a few minutes Sasuke managed to compose himself and said,

"Che, itsudate," but his expression wasn't as cold or as aloof. Kiba recognized it as Sasuke's way of saying his apology was accepted.

"Feh," Kiba scoffed, a grin forming on his face. "I only apologized cos' I wanted to have a look at that book of songs again, so don't get all high and mighty now."

"Yea, whatever, teme," said Sasuke trying to sound cold, but his eyes betrayed him.

"Anyway, me, Naruto and Neji are building our guitars for the talent show in the work shop, wanna join?" asked Kiba.

"What talent show?" replied Sasuke.

"Che, I forgot that you're still a newbie," said Kiba, ignoring Sasuke's expression at his remark. "Every year the academy hosts a talent show and whoever wins gets to join RIRUKA ROCK Records, its equivalent to graduation I guess."

"Sounds good," said Sasuke mildly, but inside he was impressed.

"We haven't decided what we are doing for the talent show yet, so if you want to join…we could use some good vocals because we might be entering as a band," said Kiba while looking off into the distance.

'I guess it wouldn't hurt to check out this work shop, it not like I'll be joining for sure anyway,' thought Sasuke before replying with,

"Yea, I'll check out your workshop thingy but I don't think I'm joining a band with losers like you." Kiba just rolled his eyes at Sasuke's jab and headed off to where the work shop was situated.

A few minutes later Sasuke stood inside the work shop, speechless. When Kiba had told him about the work shop he's expected a small dingy room with scraps of metal strewn about the floor. He definitely had not expected what he saw. The 'work shop' was a large sound proofed room which sometimes doubled as a practice room. Guitars of all shape, size and colour hung against the wall in racks. Six long steel tables lined the room on which were welding machines and various parts of guitars and scrap metal.

"Surprised, huh?" asked Naruto, flashing his signature grin.

"Hn, its good enough," replied Sasuke, trying in vain to hide his surprise and awe.

The Uchiha had been avoiding Naruto and his group since the incident with the razor. He knew they had found out one of his secrets and he refused to take their pity. He didn't want it and he didn't need it. But strange enough when he'd entered the shop they were normal, if anything friendlier. After a few minutes Sasuke was fully caught up in making his own guitar and giving suggestions to the others. He'd had custom made guitars before but he'd never actually made his own.

Naruto watched Sasuke out of the corner of his eyes, he seemed to be enjoying himself and looked relaxed, almost happy. Naruto and everyone else had all agreed not to mention anything about the razor to Sasuke, Naruto had realized that whatever was forcing the Uchiha to resort to cutting was not good and that Sasuke was suffering a lot more than he let on. So he decided to let it go, for now, eventually he would find out what the Uchiha was so keen on hiding. He wanted to reach out to him because he was just like how he used to be, sad, lonely, aloof and cold.

A few hours later Sasuke left the work shop and headed to his dorm. He'd just started building his guitar but he had made some progress in the space of a few hours. It was something new, but he learned fast, he didn't have an IQ of 195/200 for nothing. As he headed back to the dorms Sasuke thought,

'Maybe it wouldn't be too bad to let them become my nakama, they seem ok. Besides, they don't have to know my secrets to be my friends.' He was tired of the fake 'friends' he'd always had, he was tired of being alone in the darkness, tired of being in Itachi's shadow, he wanted a change, he needed a change and desperately.

Hinata shifted in her hiding place. She felt guilty for spying on Sasuke but she just couldn't help it. He tried to mask the sadness in his eyes but she could see it. She could see how lonely he was and it tore at her heart, she hated it. The brunette continued to stare at the Uchiha before her, tears gathering in the corner of her pearly white eyes. Suddenly a hand clamped down on her mouth and encircled her waist. Hinata felt her heart stop in fright; then the person let her go. She spun around to see Naruto on the ground in fits of laughter. After she'd gotten over her crush on him they'd became good friends.

"Teme!" Hinata swore quietly "you scared me!"

"That was the point, dattebayo!" replied Naruto with his signature grin. "You shouldn't spy on people, you know, its rude," he commented, a slight teasing hint to his voice.

"I know," said Hinata "but he's so sad and lonely, I want to help him but I just can't bring myself to." For a moment Naruto was silent then he said,

"Yea, he's hurting inside but not for anything will he show it. The other day after P.E we were all in the locker room and he was changing, he tried to hide it but I saw large bruises on his back. They looked as if they had just begun to heal, so he obviously acquired them before he came to the academy." Hinata covered her mouth in shock, she had begun to feel sick inside. She could put the pieces together now. Sasuke's cold attitude, the blood stained razor and the bruises on his back, it all made sense now. It looked as though someone was abusing him, which then drove him to suicidal thoughts and action which led to his gloomy attitude.

"Let's not say anything to him for now," said Naruto, his expression dead serious, almost harsh.

"Hai," replied Hinata looking down at her feet. She new Naruto had been abused when he was just a child, it wasn't sexual abuse, but physical and emotional, so she knew it hit him hard when he realized Sasuke was going through something similar, maybe even worse.

As the time for the talent show grew near, posters were put up and the students started registering. Naruto and his friends still hadn't decided what they were going yet.

Sasuke pushed open the door to the workshop to find all eyes upon him. The brunette raised his eyebrows at the silence and said,

"Nani?" he saw Kiba and Naruto exchange a glance. No one said anything so he turned to go, thinking he was not wanted.

"Choto mate," said Naruto finally, halting Sasuke in his tracks.

"Hn?" Sasuke grunted; his face an impassive mask.

"Uh, we've been thinking about entering the talent show as a band. Me as led guitarist, Kiba as rhythm, Neji as bassist and Gaara as drummer, but we have no singer and your vocals are extremely good so…" he trailed.

"So?" Sasuke prompted, still a bit skeptical.

"So we'd like you to join as lead singer," Naruto finished while flashing is signature 100 watt grin.

Sasuke felt as though the wind was knocked out of his sails. He hadn't expected them to want him in their band. He'd been thinking he couldn't join the talent show because he didn't do solos. He was better with a band.

'I guess it wouldn't hurt,' thought Sasuke somewhat hesitantly 'It's a chance to get into RIRUKA ROCK so I will take it, it's not like they are my friends or anything.' The brunette could feel all eyes on him, anticipating his answer. A smirk formed on his face and he turned in the doorway to face them.

"Hn, so what's the name of the band?" at this they all broke out in grins, the recognized it as Sasuke's way of saying he accepted their offer.

"We haven't thought of anything yet," said Naruto "do you have anything in mind?"

"Yea," replied Sasuke. Ever since he'd left Hebi he had the name for his future band in mind. "Sharingan." For a moment no one said anything then Kiba and Naruto yelled simultaneously,

"Sugoi!" Sasuke felt a smile tug at the corners of his mouth but he quelled it, smiling was not something he did.

"It's awesome, isn't it Neji?" asked Naruto excitedly.

"Hn, its okay," replied the Hyuuga smugly. He did like it but wouldn't admit just because Sasuke had suggested it. Naruto just rolled his eyes in response and turned to Gaara who had been silent all along.

"What do you think, Gaara?"

"Itsudate, let's just start practicing already," he said darkly, his eyes burning holes into Naruto.

"Maa, maa, clam down Gaara, you need to have fun sometimes," said Naruto exasperatedly while Gaara just glared.

"Well, are we going to start our song?" asked Kiba impatiently.

"Choto mate, Shikamaru is supposed to be coming over any minute now, he'd offered to be our manager." On cue Shikamaru walked in as though summoned. He grabbed a nearby chair and sat in it, looking alive and alert for once.

"So, what's your image, you need something that will make you stand out," said Shikamaru, his tone all business. Sasuke was quite surprised at how serious Shikamaru was; usually the Nara was lazy and did nothing but sleep and play Shogi instead of doing his homework and the like; not that he needed to. He had an extraordinarily high IQ.

"Well, I haven't really thought about it," said Naruto sheepishly, scratching the back of his head as everyone sweat dropped. Naruto was well known for making quick decisions without proper thought.

"We could go visual kei/emo," suggested Sasuke.

"Of course you'd say that, you're Mr. Emo King himself," snorted Naruto causing Kiba and Neji to snicker.

"Hn, itsudate dobe," said Sasuke.

"That is a good idea Uchiha-san, because most of the band already fits that description," said Shikamaru, squelching Kiba, Neji and Naruto's snickers.

"What about the sound?" asked Shika.

"Emo-core/screamo," said Naruto "that's what we'll most likely sound like more than anything because Sasuke-teme can scream quite well."

"Yea, that's my kind of music too," said Kiba and Neji and Gaara nodded in agreement.

"Good, we're practically done then," said Shikamaru. "We'll deal with the stage and an outfits after the music is composed, so ikuzo, lets head to the studio." Kiba, Neji and Gaara followed after Shikamaru, leaving Naruto and Sasuke behind.

The brunette strode over to the table where his customized guitar lay. To say he was proud of his work was an understatement. It was gleaming black guitar with the words SIC BLOOD in dripping gothic letters and good size fret board.

Sasuke picked up the guitar and laid it gently in the case he'd bought for it, then slung it over his shoulder and turned to exit the workshop when he caught Naruto staring intensely at him.

"What is it, dobe?" he asked somewhat annoyed. For a moment Naruto said nothing then he spoke.

"Arigatou, thanks for joining the band."

"Hn," Sasuke replied and strode calmly out the door but in his mind was chaos. He'd seen something in the blonde's eyes, something akin to a mixture of gratitude and relief. It was almost as if he'd known Sasuke desperately wanted to join a band and enter the show-biz.

"There's no way," Sasuke whispered to his self as he made his was to one of the many studios "there's no way he could know about my secret and my revenge on Itachi, there's no way."

A blast of air conditioning hit Sasuke's face as he entered the recording studio, Naruto right behind him. Neji, Gaara, Kiba and Shikamaru were already huddled in a corner, papers strewn across the floor and pristine silver stainless steel table.

"You guys came up with anything yet?" drawled Naruto, his blue eyed sparkling playfully.

"Nah," replied Kiba, "we're stuck at the lyrics." Sasuke took a seat at the table and pointedly ignored everyone's expressions. Eventually Shikamaru broke the silence.

"I heard that you are really good at writing songs, why don't you help us out Uchiha-san?" he asked knowingly.

"Hn, itsudate," replied the brunette stoically and lit a cigarette, only to have it grabbed from his lips and put out by Naruto.

"No smoking in the studio SasUke," said Naruto, emphasizing the last syllable of the brunette's name, earning a glare from the said teen who detected the hidden insult.

"Che, fuck off dobe," he said and turned back to a slightly annoyed and impatient Shikamaru. "Well I've been working on a song lately, but it's not finished yet. It's called Anthem." Sasuke took the slim black book from inside his pocket and flipped through it until he found the right page, then slid it in front of Shikamaru. The rest of the band, even Gaara, crowded around to look at the lyrics. It started,

This is an anthem, so fucking sing

A dedication to the end of everything (x2)

Someone call an ambulance, I got wounds to attend

Someone call a doctor, I fear this is the end

This happens all the time

This happens every day

But I never seem to quit,

The wolves never stay at bay.

I hate to say I told you so, but fuck it, I told you so

Don't say a word, I already know!

This is an anthem so fucking sing

A dedication to the end of everything (x2)

The lyrics stopped there, as it was just as the brunette had said, incomplete.

"The lyrics are good," replied Shikamaru "I can feel you in it." The Uchiha made a slight scathing sound at this but said nothing.

"It's a good crowd pleaser with the chorus," added Naruto.

"Well, have you started putting music to it yet?" asked Shikamaru.

"Not really. I've just played around with it, but it's mostly screaming," replied Sasuke.

"Ok…" trailed Shikamaru in deep thought "your voice is really good Uchiha-san, I've heard you in class a few times, so you should write songs with less scream sometimes. But, this will do for now, but once you're professional you'll have to mix it up. On the other hand even when you scream it's not just from your gut, but from your soul," said the Nara practically.

"Yea," agreed Naruto, surprising Sasuke "I think we should use this song, we can help complete it as a band," said Naruto but his face was that of a question.

"Yea, it's good, it can work," said Neji somewhat enthusiastically, or as enthusiastic as a Hyuuga could get, especially when it came to Uchiha's. The two families had a long standing hatred.

"Hn," nodded Gaara. He wasn't a guy of much words but being friends with Neji, Kiba and Naruto for a long time the understood him.

"Well, what do you think, Uchiha-san?" asked Shikamaru, one eyebrow raised.

"Hn," replied the brunette, a slight smile tugging at his lips, but he didn't smiled, he's long since stopped doing it.

"Ok," replied Shikamaru "we can—"he began but was cut off by Sasuke.

"Oh, one thing Nara-san," said the Uchiha, a smirk forming on his lips.

"What?" asked Shikamaru; his usually toneless voice tinged with annoyance.

"Its Sasuke to you," said the brunette causing Kiba and Naruto to titter. It was the Uchiha's way of making a subtle joke, or what he thought was close to a joke, while trying to tell Shikamaru that he didn't need to be so formal with him.

Sasuke didn't know why, but somehow when he was around Naruto and the others he felt lighter, more at home, it made him feel almost lonely, which he never felt. He didn't have much friends, and preferred not have any, he was a loner and had been content as all his previous 'friends' had only befriended him because of his connections. But Naruto, Neji, Kiba and even Gaara didn't care about his connections. They saw him as an individual, not as Itachi' little brother or as the son of billionaires.

"Mendosuke, Sasuke," drawled Shikamaru lazily, emphasizing the Uchiha's name. "We should begin working on the song right away," said the pineapple head, "so we have enough time to practice before the talent show, which is in two months time."

"Hai," the all chorused and began getting up from the table to ready themselves for recording.

The weeks flew by and before they knew it the talent show finals had arrived, and luckily for them they were in the top two along with another rock band called Punkette. Sakura, Ino, Hinata and Tenten had been in an all girl group but they had dropped out during the second round because they had realized that music was not their first love. Hinata went back to fashion designing, Ino to being a stylist, Sakura to a makeup artist and Tenten to sports.

Nagato was quite disappointed but he'd allowed them to stay to watch the finals.

Day of the talent show finals

Sasuke grit his teeth and clenched his fists to keep them from trembling. He wasn't the type to get nervous but as he stood in the dressing room, ignoring the flustered stylist that Nagato had hired for the finals, he felt as though he was going to puke. But this was big, even the press was there and had been trying to get into the dressing room. Everything was on the line for this last performance, they had to win! They had to! Sasuke didn't know what he'd do if he was rejected again. He'd had enough, he had to get away from Itachi, he'd do anything to win, anything. He still couldn't forget about the 'parting gift', as Itachi called it, that he'd received before he left home for the academy. The bloody images still haunted him in his dreams, he knew that Naruto noticed his night mares and insomnia, but for some reason the blonde had not mentioned anything. The others did not notice the black circles underneath his eyes as he always wore kohl anyhow.

Naruto glanced at Sasuke out of the corner of his eyes from the makeup table at which he sat. The Uchiha was trembling and his face was even paler than usual. He leaned against the racks of clothing, his head held low. Naruto got up from his seat and made his way over to Sasuke.

"Daijobou desu ka?" he asked, his brow furrowing with concern.

"Hn, go away dobe," hissed Sasuke.

"Sasuke!" Naruto hissed back, grabbing the Uchiha by his arms and spun him around so he faced him. "This is not the time for your crap, we need to win so if you are not feeling well then spit the fuck up and talk!" Sasuke was shocked, he hadn't expected Naruto to even notice or insist he tell him what the problem was. For a moment he said nothing, then his black eyes narrowed and he said,

"Of course I know you want to win! Fuck that! I probably want to win more than you do! In fact I need to win, I don't just want to, I need to…if I don't…I-I don't know what's going to happen to me," said Sasuke, clenching his teeth to bite back a scream of anger and frustration.

"What do you mean?" asked Naruto somewhat confusedly.

"Che, its nothing dobe," said Sasuke after recomposing himself "just forget it; it's none of your business."

"But—"Naruto started but was interrupted when the stylist rushed up and yanked Sasuke aside after mumbling a flustered apology to Naruto.

A few minutes later the five members of the rock band Sharingan stood on stage. The said stage was dark and the large crowd quiet, they were all anxious for the performance to start, after all Punkette had just given an amazing performance, so they were hard pressed to beat them.

Sasuke took a deep breath. It was his time to shine. Being on a stage in front of a crows felt right, it felt like the place where he belonged, it felt like home. The song they were going to perform was the one he'd written called Anthem. They'd completed it a while back but decided to save it for the finals. As the lights flickered to life and the dry ice floated into the air Sasuke put the mike to his lips and began.

"This is an anthem so fucking sing,

A dedication to the end of everything," he screamed, repeating the lines twice and then started the first verse.

"Someone call an ambulance, I got wounds to attend

Someone call a doctor, I fear this is the end," as the he screamed/sang the words Sasuke thought of all the times Itachi had abused him, all the times he'd begged for help, for some to find him, to rescue him from Itachi's wrath. He put his soul out as he sang the next words.

"This happens all the time,

This happens every day, but I never seem to quite

The wolves never stay at bay.

I hate to say I told you so, but fuck it, I told you so!

Don't say a word, I already know!" Sasuke put back his head and screamed the last works then started the chorus again.

"Someone call an exorcist and help me kill this curse

I can't stop the bleeding and its only getting worse," As he sang the words of the second verse Sasuke saw the blood gushing from his wounds after Itachi beat him up, the bleeding he couldn't stop.

"This happens all the time

This happens every day, (But I) But I never seem to quit

The wolves never stay at bay.

I hate to say I told you so, but fuck it, I told you so

Don't say a word I already know!" As the second verse ended Sasuke leaned his body over the crowd and screamed a mighty scream.

"This is an anthem, so fucking sing

A dedication to the end of everything


Get the fuck up, this is it, the sound of giving in

Yeah! Get the fuck up, this is it, the end of everything!" By this time the whole crowd was jumping up and down to the beat, their hands in the air. As the lead guitarist hit a solo Sasuke jumped into the crowd and they caught him while Naruto, Kiba and Neji jumped in sync, Naruto spinning the guitar by its strap around his neck.

"Tastes so bitter, feels so sweet

Lost in a dream, never fell asleep

Tastes so bitter, feels so sweet

I've come back to old remedies," Sasuke sang his fisted hands held dramatically in the air while the music paused for a second, then he began clapping to the beat, his hands above his head and the crowd followed, starting with one person until everyone followed.

"This is an anthem, so fucking sing

A dedication to the end of everything!

This is anthem do fucking sing—"he repeated then held the mike out to the crowd and they finished the line,

"A dedication to the end of everything!"

"To the end of everything, yea!" he repeated, jumping up and down.

"C'mon everyone through the chorus once more," he yelled into the mike clapping with his hands above his head again and the crowd followed.

"This is an anthem, so fucking sing

A dedication to the end of everything!" he screamed and this time the crowd sang along with him. As the last note died away he slapped his fist to his chest, his head turned to the side, his legs dramatically apart. Time seemed to slow as his hand left his chest and raised into the air, his head thrown back to the heavens, the lights slowly began to fade, his dramatic pose fading into the darkness. The crowd screamed in delight and an encore and standing ovation broke out, even the judges were on their feet.

"You kicked ass, teme!" yelled Naruto when they entered back stage.

"Yea, you were awesome man, I've never seen you come alive like that," agreed Kiba, a wide grin on his face.

"Yea!" exclaimed Naruto "you had the whole crowd on their feet and following you with that clapping thing in no time!" Sasuke didn't know how to respond, he hadn't thought his band mates would have been this proud. But he'd really put his heart and soul out there for the last performance. He'd felt alive, the feeling of being in control of the crowd, the feeling of hearing people screaming your name, it was one that brought fire to his veins and passion to his hollow eyes. Naruto grinned at Kiba and they attacked Sasuke in a fierce hug, Neji and Gaara surprisingly joined in, creating a group hug.

"We are proud of you Sasuke, we are proud of you," said Naruto "and no matter what happens, even if we don't win, we'll always be proud of tonight." Naruto released his band mates and held out his hand. On cue Kiba put his hand on top of Naruto's, followed by Neji then Gaara then Sasuke who said,

"Che, you guys are so cheesy," but a smile tugged at his lips.

"Sharingan!" Naruto yelled as they threw their hands into the air, followed by woops of happiness. Sasuke felt a wave of happiness overcome him, he'd bonded with the other teens, they'd become friends, they'd become true band mates. For once he had met people who hadn't only befriended him because of his connections, but because they cared about him, they actually cared.

Suddenly the sound of clapping filled their ears and they turned to see Shikamaru walking towards them, his signature lopsided grin on his face.

"Well done, you even had the press impressed," said Shikamaru, "I just want to let you guys know that no matter what happens, whether you win or lose I am extremely proud of you," he stated seriously. They all grinned in response, even Sasuke and tackled Shikamaru, ignoring his moans of,

"What a drag…"

A few minutes later all the members of Sharingan and Punkette stood on the large stage, the air thick with tension as Nagato made his way onto the stage, a red envelope in his hand, the envelope that held the results of the talent show, the envelope that would make one band's dream and break the other's.

Sasuke could barely breathe. The crowd seemed to be holding their breaths as well and the silence was thick and heavy.

'We have to win, we have to!' he thought desperately. Time seemed to still as Nagato opened the envelope and put the mike to his lips. Sasuke watched as he pulled out the paper and said,

"The winner of RIUKA ROCK Academy's talent show, the ones who will win a contract with one of Japan's top recording companies are—"he paused dramatically before saying,

"Sharingan!" The crowd erupted into an encore, their screams piercing the sky. Sasuke couldn't even move, he was frozen with shock. They had won, he was free now, Itachi couldn't touch him now; he was living his dream. The Uchiha was so shocked that he didn't even realize when Naruto picked him up and spun him around in excitement, not caring that the press was clicking away with their cameras. They all crowded in for a group hug, their faces split into large grins.

"It was all because of you, Sasuke," said Naruto.

"No, it was us, not me," replied the Uchiha.

"Iie," replied Naruto "you were the one that engaged the crowd, had them screaming our name, screaming your name. W e couldn't have won without you, so I don't know what you were so nervous about, teme," finished Naruto, flashing his signature grin.

"Yea," agreed Kiba, Neji and Gaara. Before Sasuke knew it he felt something wet slide down his cheek, he was crying. He was crying in relief, happiness, everything he'd held back since he came to the academy came crashing down. He hadn't told his friends about Itachi, he could keep the secret but not the tears. For a moment the rest of the band couldn't respond. They'd never seen Sasuke like that, he was breaking; his perfect mask was crumbling.

"Uh, Sasuke, are you crying?" asked Naruto, is voice filled with shock, awe and sadness. Sasuke rolled his eyes in response.

"No, rain is just falling from my eye, dobe!" Naruto burst out laughing and punched Sasuke in the shoulder, but his blue eyes said something different. They knew that Sasuke wasn't crying only because of happiness.

Naruto turned to the crowd, mike in hand. Everyone had agreed that he should make the closing speech.

"Well yea, we are really happy and— oh fuck that you can all see that. I mean how much times you get to see a stoic prick like Sasuke-teme tear up?" Naruto joked, causing the crowd to burst into laughter. "I just wanted to thank you all on behalf of Sharingan, all our fans for supporting us through this competition, it means a lot to us, dattebayo!" finished Naruto, flashing the signature grin that all his fans so adored while holding up his right hand in the rock sign. The crowd erupted into applause once again, while Naruto's band mates' sweat dropped in exasperation. Nagato then took the mike from Naruto and began his congratulatory speech to Sharingan and thanking everyone for attending the talent show, including the other agency managers and press which he'd invited.

When he finished his speech the members of Sharingan rushed back stage where they were met by Ino, Sakura, Tenten and Hinata.

'You guys were amazing!" yelled Ino, jumping up and down in excitement.

"Shannaro!" cheered Sakura in agreement "Sasuke you rocked the crowd!"

"Yea, you guys kicked some serious ass," agreed Tenten.

"Fuck yea!" shouted Hinata in agreement, causing everyone to stare at her.

"What?" she snapped and they all burst into laughter. Hinata was known for her gentle shy nature, and she has been coming out of her shell lately, but that was the first they'd ever heard her curse, or shout.

"So waddya say? We go and celebrate?" asked Naruto, grinning from ear to ear.

"I'm in!" agreed Kiba followed by his band mates and the girls. They turned to go when Nagato and Shikamaru walked up.

"We just had a talk and decided that you guys will be moving into your new apartment in Tokyo, funded by RIRUKA ROCK Records in two days time," drawled Shikamaru.

"All expenses are paid for by the company," added Nagato "In two days time we will also be working on your debut album."

"Sugoi!" yelled Naruto and Kiba, pumping their fists into the air while Sasuke smirked. Finally his dream was coming through, he was reading to work his butt off to get the debut album started.

Hours later the group of teens returned to the academy, all drunk or half drunk. While at the club Sasuke had encountered Itachi, somehow he'd known that they band was going to be there. He hadn't really done anything, but even a whole crowd of people didn't stop him from dragging Sasuke into a nearby bathroom stall. After his encounter with Itachi Sasuke hadn't said anything to his friends, he'd just fixed his clothes and drank, he drank his fears and the icky feeling Itachi had left on him away.

Naruto hoisted Sasuke over his shoulders and managed to drag him over the threshold of the bathroom and to the toilet where the Uchiha proceeded to vomit, his face pale, his skin clammy and his jet black hair curtaining his face as he hung his head over the toilet. Naruto had drunk a lot, but for some strange reason he never got drunk. Sure he'd get tipsy, but never drunk; his body had a strange resistance to alcohol that way. He didn't know what happened to Sasuke, but he'd noticed that the Uchiha had disappeared for a while and when he returned he was drinking even more than he had before. On the way home from the club he had been totally wasted, acting like the violent drunk he had become.

'Did Itachi do something?' thought Naruto as he leaned against the bathroom cabinet, his head pounding fiercely. He'd seen the older Uchiha at the party and had even been introduced to him by Sasuke, albeit a bit reluctantly though. He'd seen Itachi drag Sasuke off somewhere, but they'd gotten lost in the crows and he hadn't seen where they went.

'Unless…' the blonde trailed mentally but then shook his head. 'No, it couldn't be, Itachi is not that type of person,' he thought, but he didn't know how wrong he was.

Sasuke hung his head over the toilet, fighting the tears that threatened to fall. He felt wasted and sick. He'd drunk himself drunk lots of times before but this was the worse he'd ever felt. He'd felt so happy, they'd won the contest, he had friends who didn't give a shit about his money or connections and they'd gone to celebrate and have fun. He'd been so happy, for once he's felt completely at peace, but alas it was not to last. Itachi just had to spoil the night for him. He hadn't known what to do when Itachi showed up at the club and everyone had asked him to introduce them to him, all he could do was play along. When Itachi dragged him off he knew there was nothing he could do, it didn't even make sense to try fighting. The only thing he could do was remind his self that it wasn't his fault, it never was.

By this time tears were streaming down the Uchiha's face and in his state of drunkenness he didn't even realize, he just continued to heave into the toilet, his tears dripping off the end of his chin.

"Sasuke, what's wrong?" asked Naruto feeling alarmed. He didn't know what had happened to the Uchiha but he seemed to be crying a lot of late, first at the talent show finals and then now. But these tears were different. These tears beheld sorrow, sadness, ashamedness and self hatred.

"Was not…" the Uchiha trailed "was not my fault, I always told him to leave me alone…didn't do anything. Got away this time… cause' you and the other were there…but before….it hurt…always…not my fault," Sasuke slurred as he swayed to and fro from his place on the floor in front of the toilet.

"Huh, what are you talking about?" asked Naruto confusedly, his brow furrowing.

"He hurt me…hurt niisan…it hurts…not my fault….stop it aniki, stop it please…let me go" replied Sasuke, hiccupping slightly. Naruto's eyes widened in shock,

'Is he talking about Itachi?' he thought in horror as the pieces fell into place; the bloody razor, Sasuke's attitude, his reaction when people hugged or had any contact with him.

"Itachi hurt you?" asked Naruto slowly and softly. The brunette nodded then said,

"He hurt me….not tell…can't tell you what he does…not supposed to tell…'tachi will kill me…hurt me more," he slurred. Naruto felt sick in his stomach as he realized just what Sasuke's older brother had been doing to him for so long. He dragged the Uchiha up from the floor and flushed the toilet while leading him to the sink.

"Wash your face," Naruto ordered and Sasuke sloppily complied. After he did so Naruto dragged him back into the bedroom and onto his bed, just before he collapsed. After putting the Uchiha in his bed Naruto turned and began to cross the room to his own bed at the other end when Sasuke said,

"Choto…don't leave….all alone…'tachi will come back….don't leave…" he slurred, the rest of his sentence a jumbled incoherent mess. Naruto stopped in his tracks, he really wanted to sleep in his own bed, his head was hurting something fierce and he was tired and cranky. But when he turned around and saw the brunette trembling pathetic countenance his mind changed. Sasuke was even paler than usual and black circles adorned his eyes. His black hair was matted to his skull and hung loosely around his face. Naruto shoved the wasted teen over to the other end of the bed and lay down beside him.

Just how long had Sasuke been suffering? The blonde wondered sadly, he knew the brunette would have never told him what he just did about Itachi if he was sober. He'd have kept it all inside and let it eat him away as it had been doing.

'I'll ask him more about it in the morning when he's sober,' thought Naruto as he settled into the bed. He knew he would never forget the heart wrenching sounds of his band mate and friend pathetically crying himself to sleep…it tore at his heart too bad to be forgotten.

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