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Naruto: The Next Generation! Ep.1- The Beginning of a New Era! Pt.1
It was a rather boring day in the Leaf Village, even Lee wasn't feeling like training. When half the day was already over, a messenger came to Naruto.

"Naruto!" the messenger shouted, he looked as if was searching for hours (which is probably the case). "I have a message from Iruka!" Naruto was starting to get interested. The messenger continued, "He wants you to meet him in the academy right away!

It didn't take ten minutes for Naruto to reach the academy. when he got there, he saw Iruka, but also there was Lee, Ino, Kiba, and TenTen.

"Hey! What are YOU guys doin' here?!" Naruto shouted in confusion.

"Naruto! Pipe down and listen!" Iruka shouted so loud that he literally knock Naruto off his feet. "Now! You six are-" Lee raised his hand.

"I mean not to correct you Iruka-Sensei! But, there are only five us!" Lee explained. Kiba grinned, "Yeah, even Naruto could've figured that out."

Iruka scanned the room. "Hey, where is the sixth one?" he asked himself aloud. "Sorry i'm late! But some lousy messenger gave me a head's up about this, but I was too tired, so I took a nap first."

Naruto recognized that voice right away.


"A-hem!" Iruka started again. "the reason I asked you here is that I need you guys to do a huge mission"

"YES!!!!!" Naruto, Kiba, and Lee shouted together.

"Wait a minute!" Shikamaru cut in, "what kind of mission?"

"Well, you six are going to become sensei!"

~To Be Continued in: Ep.2- The Beginning of a New Era! Pt.2

by ShikAwesome
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 3,413
Property: Naruto