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"The Tale Of Uzumaki..." part 4 (2 of 2)

Even though they were losingg much blood,Gaara dragged Naruto back to the village with all his might that he had left.Gaara fell at the village doors. but before he passed out,Gaara saw two very familiar faces. He knew one of them,but the other was familiar but he didnt recognize them.It was the 4th hokage,and Gaaras Mother.He knew it was his mothers spirit,but the 4th's face was more seeable,Gaara was oicked up by the 4th and as the first tap of the footstep heard by the 4th hokage,He layed both of them down at the floor of the hospital.He shattered into piees,it was a glass clone,the hokage was still defeating Orochimaru,but sadly,Orichimaru was almost powerful enough to kill him,He needed some of the 3rd hokages power,and summoned him, then, Orochimaru barely killed him,and left with all of the destruction.Before his father could wake up and he was healed,Naruto knew something bad was going to happen.That,mor he ate a bad case of ramen.But Naruto didnt know if it was good or evil.

There was a very big choice for Naruto at that moment his head awokened.He could unleash the power of the ninetails and save the village but sacrifice his fathers,or unleash the power of the flash and save the person he cared about most,his father. Surprisingly,He did neither. He awoke Gaara and made him a clone.He asked gaara to make a clone.Naruto would go for his father for the power of the flash,and gaara would unleash his jinchuriki power and control it by saving the village.The plan almost had a success.But,half the village were injured with Gaaras uncontrolling Jinchuriki chakra.Naruto saved his father,then after,he asked his father to release the seal to 4 tails.they knew what they were going to do.Flash vs fox.This is where the tale begins for real.Naruto had complete control over the fox,and saved the whole village from any more terror.He passed right back out.fell down to the village.everyone was horrorified.They thought the fox and shukaku teamed up to destroy the music world.They then realized that they were saved.Gaara was knowing hatefully at the village "Hypocryts!"for the reason being that they hated him 2 hours ago,and they now considered him a demon.

When Naruto woke up several days later,he stared at the note Sakura gav him,and wondering why shed ask him that.even though she didnt,she didnt realize she had them mixxed up.

Long one right?Clifferz bitch!

by Narusakuforevz
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 1,505
Property: Naruto