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~Naruto 547 Prediction : The power of an old man
Gaara and Oonoki are fighting the horde of past kages. Oonoki looks tired.

Oonoki: (Looks like this is going to drag on… I have to take out Muu soon, or this division will not live to see the next day).

Oonoki: Kazekage, stand back, I have to try something.

Gaara: Tsuchikage you can’t take them all

Oonoki: (Dark smile) You underestimate the power of an old man Kazekage, now STAND back.

Gaara uses sand to fly to the top of the rock formation where the division is waiting orders.

Oonoki has a malefic expression of his face.

Oonoki: What is dead should stay dead! Dust Release: Uncreation!

Oonoki encases the entire area around the kages in a gigantic dodecahedron. It implodes, leaving a colossal crater. All kages got caught except Muu and start to slowly regenerate.

Muu: Oonoki… I never expected you could pull off that technique… You destroyed several kilometers worth of landscape. It seems I created a monster. But it looks like you overdid yourself this time.

Oonoki looks exausted. Gaara appears and forms several spears of sand. Muu is caught off guard and gets impaled in a rock behind. Gaara uses a tsunami of sand to cover the entire crater with sand. Oonoki: I can still fight Kazekage, but not too long.

Third Raikage: Don’t worry old man, you won’t be fighting any longer.

Third Raikage burst out of the sand, covered in a black lighting armor, a fist directed at Oonoki.

Voice: Lariat!

Third Raikage is thrown to the ground, most of his chest ripped off.

Bee: I saved your ass old man.

Naruto is standing beside Bee. Second Mizukage is already stanting.

Oonoki: Hachibi stay out of this. I’l handle Muu, I’m the only one that can handle his powers. Kazekage you handle the Fourth Kazekage.

Bee: I’l kick this guy’s ass, I’m familiar with his powers fool, same as my brothar’s.

Naruto: Well that leaves my that guy with the weird clothes.

Second Mizukage: Look who’s talking kid!

Gaara uses more sand spears, against gold dust spears created by his dad, clashing in a fierce battle.

Oonoki: Nine Tails, he is no ordinary ninja, beware. He possesses a bloodline limit known as Frost Release. A simple touch by his hands or his techniques and the very water molecules on your cells will freeze. There’s no return from that.

Naruto: Got it old man.

Second Mizukage: Frost Release: Frostbite!

He creates a series of glowing orbs of clear blue chakra that shower over Naruto. He gets deep frozen and breaks apart. It was a shadow clone.

Naruto: Rasengan

Naruto’s rasengan passes through the Second Tsuchikage and his arm gets stuck in him; he turned into water.

Second Mizukage: It’s over kid, I’m sorry, I hold no grudge against you.

Chakra arms erupt from the ground and bisect the Second Mizukage. Naruto stands back.

Oonoki: We must finish this quick otherwise we’re as good as dead! Kazekage I have a plan.

Bee is fighting his former Raikage.

Third Raikage: You got big Bee, and strong, you’re in perfect harmony with the Eight Tails. Wish I could say the same about you’re rapping skills…

Bee: Sorry, take this knuckle sandwich mothafocka!

Third Raikage dodges and slams Bee hard in the gut. Bee stands up, panting.

Naruto is having trouble with the Second Mizukage. Naruto: ( I can’t get close to him, I have to attack from far away, otherwise I’m dead)

Second Mizukage: Frost Release: Cold Blooded Execution

Second Mizukage gets surrounded by hundreds of ice swords, each the size of Samehada. He throws them at Naruto at his speed. Naruto dodges several times. He uses six chakra arms to help repel the swords, smashing them.

Naruto: ( As long as I used this arms I’m safe, they do not contain water, simply chakra)

Second Mizukage: Suiton: Rain dance

Clouds cover the sky, and begins to rain. The entire area gets soaked in a matter of minutes.

Second Mizukage: You are a brave fighter kid, but it’s no use. Prepare yourself.

Second Mizukage prepares a series of hand seals.


Second Mizukage: Frost Release: Everfrozen Underworld

Muu almost gets Oonoki, but the latter manages to fly away and pulverize him. Oonoki flies high, Bee jumps to a high rock formation as well as Naruto, Gaara flies away in his sand. The ground below freezes and a forest of ice spikes erupt from the ground. The kages, except Muu and the Second Mizukage get deep frozen

Muu: That was the technique that killed me. Still in death, I honor you as a worthy opponent.

Oonoki: ( All that ice is tainted with his chakra… A simple touch in that ice and the target is frozen forever) Kazekage are you ready?

Gaara: When you are.

Oonoki: Grab them Nine Tails.

Naruto erupts chakra arms from all over his body, that extend far away, at astounding speed. Muu is quickly grabbed, the arms easily grab the frozen kages and grabs as well as the Second Mizukage.

Oonoki: Earth Release: Weightened Boulder Shards

Oonoki throws two small sharp rocks at Muu and the Second Mizukage, that once hit, turn into stone.

Oonoki: Eight Tails use that wretched sword to suck some chakra off them, so they’ll regenerate slower.

Bee shaves some chakra off the zombies.

Oonoki: Kazekage seal them.

It appears that Gaara can use the cloth sealing technique, and uses them on the four kages.

by Kendro
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 1,553
Property: Naruto