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My Second Prediction For Naruto 547
4th Kazekage, “no longer Jinchuriki?! That is not possible, you would be dead if it was taken from you!”

Gaara looks down at his father, “I survived due to the help of the Leaf’s Future Hokage and lady Chio’s sacrifice.”

4th, “Lady Chio? She gave her life to save you? Why? You were just the Villages last line of defense, without the Shikkaku you were no more important than anyone else?”

Gaara, “maybe not to you, but I mean something to my friends and family, the village. They all came to see if I would survive. They all came to see their Kazekage.”

4th, What?! They made a Jink the Kazekage?!” he slightly turns his head away. “I would have assumed Kankaro or Temari.”

Gaara, “whatever the case, you must be stopped you and your fellow kages. You do know that is why we are here don’t you?”

4th, {after all I put you through you still ended up with a heart to care about others? How,who I wonder helped you obtain that?”

Naruto is running with Bee.

Naruto, “hold up.”

They stop. Ahead there is a skirmish going on between a few ninja.

Bee, “hmm I think they all right, they look built to fight!”

Naruto just looks on, “hmmm.”

Over with the ninja.

Leaf Alliance Ninja, Cloud ninja, and Edo.

Leaf, “alright, be careful this guy looks tough!”

Cloud, “no problem we can do it together!”

Leaf, {can’t believe I am fighting along side one of the cloud, they have done many things to the leaf to try to get the upper hand in a time of peace! I am suppose to trust this guy now?}

Suddenly a ninja comes from behind the Edo flipping over him and landing beside the 2 Alliance Nin.

Ninja, “hey I am lioa, from the Mist, I have been tracking this one for a few minutes now. No way I coulda took him alone. Good thing you guys intercepted him!”

Leaf, “what’s so dangerous about him?”

Mist, “you never heard of Master Chiba, the great sword maker? Where do you think the swords the swords men of the mist use came from? Swords don’t fall out the sky or pop up in lakes you know?”

Cloud, “So what he is the sword maker, he doesn’t have any of them now?”
Chiba Edo, “foolish ninja, a creator always keeps the best for himself.”

He pulls out what resembles a Claymore(yeah you read it right!).

Mist, “Dammit, he has it! Shit, we have to be careful and hope the legends are just stories.”

Leaf, “what? Stories?”

Mist, “the blade of horrors. It literally reads your chakra also, it takes chunks out of your chakra when he cuts you. Which makes the blade stronger and sharper with he cut, and the user becomes stronger and tougher. Eventually we won’t be able to hurt him at all!”

Leaf, “okay so we don’t get cut, if we do we won’t get cut a second time!”

Mist, “that’s not all. After the first dose of chakra the sword emit’s a barrier, with in that barrier the ninja lives his ultimate fear, he will be frozen. No defense from master Chiba at all!”

Cloud, “well I am not gonna wait for all that!”

He runs towards the Edo, “special cloud technique lightning showers!”

Kunai charged with lightning element rain down on the Edo. Puncturing him all over.

Mist, “shit!”

He runs towards them. “dark mist technique: burning skin jutsu!” A cloud of dark mist surrounds the Edo, you see his flesh burning away.

Leaf, “Yes! Now all I have to do is get the seal ready while they..”

Chiba, “Interesting, I didn’t feel any of that. I detest this jutsu but feeling no pain and healing any injury is a plus.”

He swings his sword cutting the Mist ninja in half. He swings for the Cloud ninja but he evades.

Cloud, {dammit, now what?!}

Suddenly he is right in front of the Cloud ninja.

{Damn he is faster, I wasn’t prepared for that! Only one thing to do.} “cloud defense technique: spinning shield summon!”

Suddenly 3 large shields appear around the cloud ninja. They protect him from eyes down to ankles, they began to spin rapidly.

Master Chiba begins striking the shields but can’t destroy them.

Cloud, “No way you will break these!”

Chiba, “dear boy who said I was trying?”

Leaf ninja, “he is taking the chakra from the shields, that is what is making them spin and extremely hard! Get out of there!”

Chiba, “barrier of fear!”

A chakra barrier surrounds Chiba and the cloud ninja.

There are nothing but screams and cries for help from inside the dark barrier.

Leaf, “dammit, but what can I do? I could get help? But they would be too late. Why should I be concerned for this Cloud ninja anyway, I can make my escape. Why not?”

“cause that make you worse than trash. Never leave a comrade behind! There is no more cloud, mist, leaf, sand or rock. We are all in this war and we are all comrades!”

It is Naruto with bee by his side.

Leaf Ninja, “Master Naruto?”

Naruto does not acknowledge the ninja, he instead goes straight for the barrier.

Leaf, “no don’t do it, it will reveal your worse fears!”

Naruto, “I have already seen them.”

He disappears into the barrier.

An explosion occurs with the edo in pieces and the cloud ninja on Naruto’s shoulders.

Leaf, “amazing.”

Moments later.

Naruto, “what did you call me back there?”

Leaf ninja, “master Naruto.”

Naruto, “Why, aren’t you a chunin?”

Leaf, “didn’t anyone tell you? There was talk of making you chunin after the Pein fiasco, but once the war came about Tsunade said only Jonin can be on the front lines so she made you a field grade Jonin.”

Naruto, “well I’ll be, granny knew I would be joining this war even in the beginning. Hey Uncle Bee…I’m a Jonin!” he jumps way up in the air with a big smile on his face.


Sensor, “Naruto was just told about his current rank.”

Shika, “how can you tell?”

Sensor, “all the clones just started jumping up and down.”

Shika, {Naruto.}


Gaara, “Naruto, he is the one that I am fighting for now, we all are. Him and the Jinchuriki of the cloud village.”

Raikage, {bee? I wonder, is that rapping fool still alive? Or is there another holding the bijuu?}

4th Kzkge, “enough, of this gibberish! Fatal technique..”

Gaara, {he is using that now? Already?!}

4Th, “shining death!”

Suddenly there is several cyclones of golden dust spinning around them.

Gaara, “Tsuchikage, Get back! Quickly fly far and fast!”

4th,“too late.” Suddenly al 4 cyclones explode sending millions of brightly glimmering specs of gold scattering in the air. It takes up the entire area.

We see the Edos behind a giant gold/sand wall for protection. The dusts are cutting through boulders and pillars of rock, it is impossible to see. Until they dissipate.

Mizukage, “humph so much for the children surpassing us huh?”

Raikage says nothing, then points.

They all look. It is a giant glasslike fortress. It has no damage from the 4th Kzkg jutsu.

4th, “what the hell? Is that?”

3rd Tsuchikage, “Diamond! The kid uses diamonds in his sand, How you like that for surpassing Mizukage? Does that count?’

Mizukage, “shut up, no wonder your murdered.”

4th, “Gaara! Come out and face me! How is this possible no one was able to do this, especially not you. A jink, a weapon of the sand. Kazekage my ass, Kages do not hide from opponents.!”

Gaara, “who says I am hiding father?”

He is above them, he uses his sand to grab all of them and bind there hands as well. “Now!”

The fortess molds into a large javelin bow. Tsuchikage is making his dust sphere.

Tsuchikage, {hope I can do this, I don’t usually make t so weak but I gotta focus so it only takes them out.} “ready!”

Gaara looks his dad in the eye, “fire.”

He flies up and the javelin releases sending the dust element bomb speeding towards them.

3rd Tsuchikage, {damn.}

by Kendro
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 1,799
Property: Naruto