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Naruto 549 Prediction : The battle for peace
Shock is all over Naruto’s face.

Naruto: I can’t believe this…How can this be? You two were also ressurected?

Nagato: Naruto make a stand! We can’t control ourselves.

Bee: That is Itachi Uchiha. He killed several Kumo Jonin’s in the past. Who might the other be?

Naruto: That’s Nagato, the one who destroyed the Hidden Leaf.

Naruto looks sad and lowers his head. He closes his fists.

Naruto: ( How could someone do this? Use men who sought peace, and fought for what they believed it, like puppets?)

Itachi: How come that guy is using Kisame’s Samehada? Is Kisame dead?

Nagato: That’s the Eight Tails.

Naruto: Yes, he is dead.

Itachi : A honored shinobi, what a shame. Naruto have you succeded in saving my brother yet?

Naruto: No. Sasuke fell within the grasp of Uchiha Madara.

Itachi: That’s a tragedy, I can’t say I didn’t see it coming. You must do eveything within your reach to save my brother. Did he…did he take my eyes?

Naruto: Your eyes?

Itachi: Mangekyou Sharingan loses it’s light over each use. The user can take it’s sibling eyes to awake the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. I’m sure Madara took care of my body, so I assume, as tainted by the darkness my brother is, that he took my eyes. Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan doesn’t lose it’s light anymore. Meaning my brother can use it’s powers without fearing blindness, along with a new awakened power, unique to each Uchiha, with this kind of power, and being Madara’s pet, my brother will seek revenge without fearing no one, and he will be lost forever.

Itachi looks angry.

Naruto: How could Sasuke do such thing?

Naruto drops a tear.

Itachi: There’s no time for crying. Time runs short. It will be soon that our summoner will realize your presence. Naruto my power is the key to stop Sasuke when the time comes. I lent you chakra memories of mine, for you to perform a certain jutsu created by the Uchiha. Within the memories, you will find the seals needed. It’s a sealing jutsu, so you, as an Uzumaki, should have a natural affinity to it. It was a jutsu created with the purpose of eradicate potential Mangekyou and Eternal Mangekyou users who would get out of hand. Never was used. Madara knew about it, but he was just too strong for someone to try such thing. The jutsu consists on sealing the enemy’s eyes, at the cost of your own. Both pairs become chakra linked, to then be sealed. The user’s eyes act as the enemy’s eyes vessel. You also need your enemy’s blood covering your hands while performing the seal. At the moment of the linking, you both must be perfectly still.

Naruto: If that’s what it takes, so be it

Nagato: Hurry Itachi, he’s about to use us.

Itachi: Naruto, please save my brother. Now STAND BACK. Reasoning leaves Itachi and Nagato’s faces. They become inexpressive.


Bee: That’s an advice for you idiot, my partner will free me from the genjutsu, however the Kyubi might not!

Kyubi: (Oh this guy knows his stuff)

Naruto: ( Kyubi shut it. Will you help me or not? Do you want to end up being Madara’s little pet again? Do you want to be sealed forever?)

Kyubi: ( You make strong points kid. But if you disapoint me, I will kill you. I’ll do it)

Naruto: Bee, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Naruto: ( I’ll still avoid his eyes. Keep falling in a genjutsu will kill precious seconds that can mean my death)

Itachi: Amaterasu

Naruto dashes to avoid the black flames. He charges a Rasengan. Nagato uses Shinra Tensei. Bee and Naruto are thrown away.

Bee: I’ll handle that Nagato guy. We can’t fight them both at the same time.

Bee draws Samehada and fuses with it. Bee becomes deep purple, the hardened scales covering his body resembling an armor.

Bee: Sucking chakra with this weird sword slows they’re regeneration, might be useful.

Nagato summons his machine from a small scroll. Itachi places him in it. The machine legs elevate, for better mobility. A chakra arm bursts from the ground, grabs Itachi and throws him far away from Nagato.

Itachi: Amaterasu

Black flames burn the chakra arm, but quickly fade, they can’t ignite it.

Naruto: Rasengan

Naruto hits a water clone from Itachi. Several clones appear.

Naruto senses the real one and throws him a giant Rasengan that buries him in the ground. Itachi quickly rises, and uses Amaterasu on Naruto, he dodges.

Naruto: ( Why Itachi?)

Naruto: Shadow clone Jutsu

At least a hundred Naruto’s cover the area. Itachi casts Tsukyoumi on one of the clones. Naruto is caught for brief moments, the Kyubi wakes him up. The clones are gone

Itachi: Fire Release: Meteor Jutsu

A titanic fireball is fired at Naruto, from three diferent directions, from three clones. Naruto is cornered.

Naruto: Giant Rasengan Triad

Naruto slams the rasengans into each fireball using chakra arms causing a great explosion.
Scene changes to Bee. He’s on the ground, with the beak of the giant bird on his hands.

Bee: I’m so tired of these fools. Octupus are my thing!

Bee uses a six tailed cloak, which combined with Samehada transformation deep purple, give him a demonic appearance. Bee snaps the bird’s neck, killing him. Nagato fires a shower of chakra rods that pierce the hard scales.

Eight Tails: (Bee those are chakra receivers. He is channeling his chakra to control you. Let me take the lead.)

Bee transforms in the Eight Tails. While still fused with Samehada, each hit from the Eight Tails shaves off chakra, and becomes more powerfull. The chakra rods break apart and Nagato suffers the effect of handling Bijuu chakra. Nagato elevates several huge boulders, and performs some seals.

Nagato: Earth Release: Rock Sword Sharpening

Each boulder adquires deadly cutting power, with sharp edges. The rocks are thrown at Bee. Some tentacles are pierced, but he punches the most of the rocks. Bee charges and fires a Bijuu bomb at Nagato. Nagato creates a shield, that appears to hold the shot for some time, but then breaks apart. Nagato still avoided most of the damage. Nagato summons the giant bull and the dog that attack Bee.

Scene changes to Naruto.

Naruto summoned several clones and each charges a Mini Rasenshuriken on each finger. The real Naruto uses Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique. Thousands of mini rasenshurikens rain upon Itachi and he manages to deflects some, but each centimeter of him is sliced. His shreads begin to regenerate. Naruto: Summoning Jutsu

Gamabunta, Shima and Fukasaku are summoned by three clones.

Naruto: I need your sound genjutsu. Get it ready. Gama-boss, protect them.

Itachi is on his feet. He uses Amaterasu on the frogs, but the clones guarding the frogs are caught instead. He insists and use it again. This time real Naruto uses himself as a shield. Amaterasu doesn’t seem to be able to ignite the chakra cloak
Scene changes to Bee.
The Eight Tails is thrown again and again by Shinra Tensei, he can’t get close to Nagato.

Nagato: Chibaku Tensei

A gravity sphere floats to the sky. Nagato throws Bee right to the center, as rocks start to cover Bee. He berserks, and smashes the soon to be rock sphere. Bee fires a Bijuu bomb at Nagato, that obliterates the machine. Nagato, on the floor, intensifies the jutsu and the ground below becomes a crater. Bee is fully encased in a rock sphere much bigger than before.

Naruto looks up to the sky.

Naruto: ( That jutsu again. I must help Bee)

Fukasaku: It’s ready Naruto-chan.

Naruto: Do it

The frogs use the jutsu, and Itachi is caught. Naruto aproaches .He rises again, aparently free.

Naruto: ( What is this?!)

Itachi: Fire Release: Great Fireball Jutsu

Naruto is hit.

Naruto: ( How can he have escaped that genjutsu? Unless..)

Naruto examines Itachi carefully. He notices several small metal implants on his now exposed chest.

Naruto: ( The chakra receivers… He is using Nagato’s receivers. Nagato woke him up transmiting his chakra)

The frogs are dismissed. Naruto looks at the great sphere on the sky.

Naruto: It’s time to use that jutsu, I must do it right this time.

Naruto summons several clones to fight Itachi. He stands back to prepare. He seems to be attempting the Bijuu Rasengan. He raises his arms in the sky, along with four chakra arms , longer than his own. A huge sphere of rotating deep red chakra takes shape. The ground around Naruto cracks as the sphere compresses, to a size smaller than the standard Rasengan. Naruto’s chakra cloak , instead of chakra arms, takes the shape of the fox’s head, which is now holding the compressed sphere. He fires the tiny sphere at Chibaku Tensei with a colossal power. The tiny sphere has a trail of chakra, which resembles a meteor.

Naruto: (Expand)

The sphere expands to the size of Chibaku Tensei and hits. The explosion is massive. The jutsu falls apart and the sphere is no more. Bee is seen struggling to get out of the wreckage. He is on his normal form again. Bee dashes and takes Naruto’s side. Itachi joins Nagato, now on the floor, unable to walk.

Bee: I never saw such thing Naruto! That was a strange but refined form of the Bijuu Bomb, way to go fool!

Itachi grabs Nagato and places him on his back. His Mangekyou Sharingan flashes.

Itachi: Susanoo

Kabuto: ( I couldn’t find the Totsuka Sword and the Yata Mirror, but this will do...)

Itachi’s Susanoo glows with a fiery orange color. It’s main weapon is still a sword. Naruto is pale.

Naruto: Not… that… again…

Bee: It’s alright. No matter how hard it’s defense is, nothing will stand both yours and my Bijuu Bomb togheter. We just need the perfect shot.

Naruto summons a clone.

Naruto: Wind Release: Rasenshuriken

The clone shouts: Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique
The expanded rasenshuriken now multiplies. Nagato repelled the jutsu with no effort before it even hit Susanoo. Bee transforms into the Eight Tails and charges at Susanoo. He slices several of Bee’s tentacles and Nagato uses Shinra Tensei.

Naruto: Bee stop, it’s no use like that . I have a plan.

Naruto’s clone bursts at least 50 chakra arms that bind Susanoo. Nagato uses Shinra Tensei. Some arms are repelled.
Naruto summons more clones, that emulate the first clone movement. Hundreds of arms are now holding Susanoo. The real Naruto has a decided look, his fiery eyes glowing.

Naruto: Bee NOW

Naruto prepares his version of the Bijuu Bomb, while Bee charges his. They fire at Susanoo. Bee’s blast engulfs Naruto’s little sphere, as it expands. A massive column of chakra punch a hole in Susanoo and goes on. It only stops when causing a massive explosion on a montain kilometers away. Where were Itachi and Nagato, now only they’re dust stands.

by Kendro
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 2,977
Property: Naruto