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Birth of the Demon Chapter 4 1st Hokage vs Madara Cont-
(This is the second part of Madara's fight with the future 1st Hokage. The fight actually started on Chapter 3 so if you haven't already you may wanna check that out. Please note that this chapter will not be as long as the others.)

With his Mangekyo Sharingan now activated Madara felt much more confident about taking Hoshirama on. Noticing the change in Madara's sharingan Hoshirama prepared for an all out offensive from Madara but instead Madara began hand signs for a fire element technique again.

"Fire Style: Dragon Flame Bombs!" Madara yelled out as he threw a barrage of fire at Hoshirama. Hoshirama countered with a Water Style Ankle Bracelet Jutsu and flushed water from his feet kicking each of the flames away but Madara was not finished. Hoshirama suddenly lost sight of Madara with the last flame he avoided. Trying to sense the forest around him Hoshirama searched for Madara but before he could locate him suddenly felt an intense heat closing in on him. Hoshirama quickly avoided it out of reflex alone. He looked back at the attack to see black flames consuming the entire forest. They began to spread rapidly closing on him.

"Water Style: Tsunami Tital Wave!" Hoshirama said as he sucked out the water from the plants around him forcing it down on the black flames but to his surprise the water did not stop the flames. They continued to grow to Hoshirama's surprise and before he could distance himself saw Madara just above him.

"Amaterasu!" Madara yelled as black flames materialized out of nowhere rushing towards him. Hoshirama managed to avoid it but just barely.

"What the hell was that?" Hoshirama thought, "He didn't even use hand seals for that attack. Amaterasu?"

Hoshirama felt himself at the mercy of Madara's Amaterasu as he was pushed back further and further.

"Madara stop this! Are you insane?! You'll destroy everything!" Hoshirama yelled out to his rival.

"I have complete control over these flames Hoshirama. My only aim is to kill you! Now die!! Amaterasu!!!" Madara yelled out again.

Seeing the disadvantage Hoshirama had no choice but to retreat as the black flames materialized again coming for him. Madara felt a tremendous satisfaction in watching Hoshirama retreat for the first time since they had met. About to give chase he stopped as his vision began to blur, his head dizzy he dropped to his feet clutching at his eyes that burned with such an intensive heat.

"AAAAAAAAAAARRRGGHHHHH!!!" Madara yelled out as the pain began to feel unbearable. Focusing on his pain he had nearly forgotten Amaterasu which was no closing in on him quite rapidly and threatening his own life.

"Shit," Madara said as he ignored the pain to cancel Amaterasu's flame. His eyes burned greater than ever now. He stayed in that spot for what seemed an eternity trying to stop the pain. But gradually it began to dissipate. Losing consciousness and his vision blurry he was suddenly surrounded by shinobi.

"Am I captured?" He thought before he fell to the ground unconscious. What seemed like a second later Madara awoke in a panic jumping up expecting to be in a cage of some sort but to his surprise he was in his own tent. The pain in his eyes had disappeared and he felt refreshed, but there was something not right. His vision seemed a bit out of focus. Just barely but it definitely was not as it was before his fight with Hoshirama. Convincing himself that it was just a temporary side affect from over using eyes Madara walked out of his tent to be greeted by the entire clan.

"He's awake!!" One of his clansmen yelled out.

He was greeted with smiles and admiration as they told him how they saw Hoshirama running from his assault. Details on the fight was asked by children who now saw him as a hero. Izuna appeared at his side and slapped his brother on the back.

"You actually did it man. That was an awesome fight." Izuna said.
"You saw?" Madara asked.

"Well actually we just saw the ending but it was clear that you won. You're the top Shinobi now Madara."

"Yeah, maybe." Madara said looking around. "Where are the elders?"

"The high elder has called a meeting with the others. They've been in there for quite some time Madara." Izuna said giving the same expression as his brother.

Both he and Madara knew that the council was discussing Madara. There was no telling what the council may do if they suspect Madara of trying to take over the clan. But at the moment they could not touch him and they knew it. The clan saw Madara as a beacon of hope, a hero. If the elders rose against him now they would be overthrown not by Madara but the clan itself. No, Madara thought, they will act friendly towards me to gain my trust so they can betray me when the opportunity presents itself.

(That's it for this chapter. I would've wrote more but I don't exactly have a lot of time these days. Anyways thanks for reading.)

by hussian
Written: 3 years ago
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