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Naruto 551 Prediction: Naruto is caught by Nagato
Naruto: Shit! (This is bad i have to do something quick)
Naruto comes out of chakra mode, and creates two shadow clones. Both at the same time, land an upper kick on nagato, sending him into the air, before Nagato can even react, Naruto engages chakra mode, and makes 10 chakra hands all holding a rasengan.
Naruto: How about this!
As Nagato hit's the ground, almost instantly Naruto barrages him with all 10 rasengans at once.
Nagato: Im impressed, Naruto. But that isn't going to be enough.. CHIBAKU TENSEI!
Naruto: ...!!
Naruto becomes encompassed in the jutsu, using as many chakra hands as he can make, to hold the walls from compressing on him. Suddenly..
Itachi: SUSANOO!
Susanoo partially appears, revealing just his arm, and part of his rib cage, itachi uses susanoo to punch through the wall and grab Naruto, pulling him out.
Naruto creates what looks like the "rock on" sign with three fingers on each hand, and makes 6 rasenshurikens, all of which hit Nagato, as the pieces of his body start to reform, Naruto appears standing above him.
Naruto: Nagato..as you see..Im different from when we last fought, Im sorry.
Naruto uses some kind of seal to leave nagato paralyzed.
Naruto: That should hold him until the sealing team can get here.
Naruto turns around and looks at bee
Naruto: Are you alright, Uncle Bee?
Itachi: Naruto look out!!
Nagato: It is me who is sorry..Naruto..
Nagato stands back up
Naruto, Itachi, and Bee: !!!
Nagato: You must not underestimate me in my complete form!! BANSHO TENSEI!
Nagato pulls naruto towards him, as he does, Itachi activates his full susanoo(with sword and mirror)
Itachi: I can't allow this to happen, Naruto must fight my brother and bring him peace!
Susanoo begins to swing the totsuka towards nagato.

(Scene switches to kabuto)

Kabuto:This isn't good! I still need him for my plans.

(Back to the fight)

As totsuka is coming down, for which appears would be a direct hit, two coffins appear side by side, nagato is swallowed by one, and it starts sinking into the ground, as nagato disappears, totsuka comes down, crashing through the coffin meant for itachi.
Itachi: It is done..For now.
Naruto: What happened?
Itachi: The user of edo tensei must have tried to summon us both back at the last moment, thankfully, ive already broken control. Naruto, you must help me find my brother, I need to have a talk with him. (Scene switches to sasuke)

Zetsu: Sasuke calm down! Soon you'll be wreak all the havoc you want on konoha!
Sasuke: The time for waiting is over, I make my move now.

(Scene switches to naruto and co.)

Naruto: Bee!! Go back to headquarters, your drained, I'll take care of the rest of these imposters, and help itachi find sasuke!!
Bee: Are you sure about this bro, you might need the power of me and eight-o.
Naruto: Yes Im sure, Go report back to your brother and granny tsunade please.
Bee: Ok.
Bee and naruto both dissapear leaving itachi standing their. Moments later, naruto reappears
Naruto: Ok i took out all the zetsus are you ready itachi?
Itachi: (Zetsu huh? Madaras been keeping him around I see.) Yes, lets go.

(Scene switches to kabuto)

Kabuto: That damn itachi!! Always such a nuisance!!
A dark, shadow figure appears behind kabuto, and we see an image of bandages dropping to the floor.

by Kendro
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 4,228
Property: Naruto