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Naruto 553 Prediction : Tobi’s identity
Itachi, Bee and Naruto are talking.

Itachi: I feel bad for Nagato, but I had no choice. You must go on ahead. I’ll seal whatever zombie’s I’ll find. I’m immortal now.

Naruto: But..

Itachi: Don’t! You must find my brother and use Shisui’s eye. With your lineage, it’s likely you can activate it’s technique more often than Shisui. Chances must be taken.

Itachi: (By no means I can’t let him find Madara now.)

Scene changes to Kabuto and Tobi. Madara’s Susano’o is trashing the area, barely missing the paths.

Kabuto: kukukukuku. It’s time to go away, see you later.

Kabuto vanishes in the mouth of a huge snake.

Izuna: ( That treacherous bastard. My brother is strong enough to cause severe damage on Gedo Mazo)

Gedo Mazo is dismissed.

Izuna: (He’s using my eyes. The Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan… He sure has acess to my ability. My body is still very damaged. I can’t rely on Zetsu forever. Though my life has been long like this, it’s painful and my powers are medíocre.)

Madara looks up.

Izuna: ( Damn, I can teleport, but I can’t make them teleport all in time)

Madara: Blaze Release: Amaterasu Prison

Using his eyes as crossairs, Madara targets each path, and a sphere of Amaterasu engulfs each. As they’re body parts burn, they are rendered useless. Since they are continuously reforming, Amaterasu is burning them forever.

Izuna: ( Looks like I’m on my own)

Madara: Blaze Release: Black Meteor jutsu

Madara fires a gigantic ball of Amaterasu at Izuna, who teleports away and uses Shinra Tensei. Susano’o barely moves.

Izuna: Asura path!

Izuna sprouts a series of mechanic arms to rain missiles over Madara, which don’t even scratch it. Susanoo swings the massive axes in a dual motion. They pass through Izuna.

Madara: Blaze Release: Darkness Consuming Dragon

Madara creates a giant serpent like dragon of Amaterasu, big enough to coil around Susano’o and still elevate several meters up. It roars and charges at Izuna. It follows him around at great speed. Izuna teleports around, preparing a counterstrike.

Izuna: ( Shit I’m about to become solid) The dragon touches Izuna’s left forearm before crashing into the woods, causing mayhem. Izuna slashes the arm off using his right hand.

Madara: Ika-Zuchi-no-Kami.
Izuna: ( Damn. This means my end if I don’t do something)

Several red rips appear on thin air, as if someone was slashing the air. Slowly, but steadily, a hundred dark figures appear from those space-time cracks. They have a humanoid appearance and are heavily armored. They’re faces have only one feature, and it’s Madara’s EMS on the center of the head, resembling a cyclops. No mouth, ears, or any other feature is visible. One of them, towers over the others and on the center of it’s chest, there is a hole, with something that looks like white fire dancing in there.

Izuna: ( My most treasured Mangekyou Sharingan technique, Ika-Zuchi-no-Kami … The power to call forth the hundred guardians of the pure world. Each with the potential of seal a target’s soul, and the general with the power to end a soul’s existence for eternity. I should have used this on you when I had the chance. How does Kabuto know about this? My brother, you filthy bastard. Why did you took your own brother’s eyes?)

The army marches at Izuna. He uses Shinra Tensei. The guards are thrown in all directions, but they catch up fast. They’re speed is astounding.

Izuna: ( I must use it now or I’m dead. Still, it will consume enough chakra to leave me on the verge of death. I’l alert Zetsu to pick me up as soon as this is over.)

The crippled Izuna raises a seal with it’s remaining arm.

Izuna: Mangekyou Sharingan!

Izuna’s sharingan transforms into MS. This MS consists in a fat outer black ring, with 3 black stripes uniting to the red dot at the center.

Izuna: ( Fugaku’s Sharingan… Sasuke’s father.. Only I recognized it’s potencial. It’s space-time jutsus, Akuma, make the Copy Ninja’s Kamui look like a childs play.)

Izuna: Akuma !

Izuna is flying on the Rinnegan bird’s back. He creates several holes on the fabric of space-time around Susanoo and suck everything in the vicinity into them. Susanoo is immobilized.

Madara: Blaze Release: Onyx Javelins

Several amaterasu spears pierce the bird as Izuna jumps to avoid contact. Susanoo is gone. Madara is running

Izuna: Akuma!

A giant hole appears and the soldiers are sucked into the void. Izuna is on his knees, barely breathing. Madara activates Susanoo again.

Izuna: ( It’s my chance)Preta Path!

Izuna sucks Susanoo’s chakra in and gets back to his feet. Behind the Uchiha brothers, A fiery sword pierces all the burning paths in a single swipe, and are dragged by it. Itachi with it’s full Susanoo arrived, and sealed Izuna’s paths. His eyes are wide in shock looking at Izuna.

Itachi: Uchiha Izuna, how on earth did you manage to fool me?

Three of the most skilled Uchiha’s in history meet! What will happen?

To be continued.

by Kendro
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 6,811
Property: Naruto