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Naruto 553: Sasuke makes his move.
Muu turns around and fires at the target behind him.
Muu: jinton genkai hakuri no jutsu.

Gaara and Onoki: who, what!!?

Gaara: Lets take this chance and create some distance.
Float on my sand and save some of your strength, you are nearing your limit.

Onoki grumbles a bit disagreeingly, but agrees.

Gaara lets Onoki sit on some of his sand, they float towards the ground and they take some distance from Muu.
Gaara lets sensor sand float around muu to make sure he doesnt go invisible again.

After the explosion, a huge figure lands on the ground.

Muu: You deflected a dust release attack. Thats the first time i have seen that happen.

Onoki: That figure looks like susanoo.
Gaara: Susanoo...Naruto...??

...:No point anymore in keeping this naruto transformation to blend in the alliance forces.
Itachi: I didnt expect having to use susanoo this early.
I better get my point across quick.

Scene switches to kabuto.

Kabuto: That itachi. First he escapes my control with shisui his eye, than he seals nagato and than he burns the crow and eye to ashes with amaterasu.

Good thing naruto and the 8tails went the other way, or i would have had to much on my hands in this battle.

Itachi cant take out my edo tensei army, except a few more, his totsuka sword has a limit to the amount of souls it can seal.
He wont be able to make me cancel the technique either, i have my ways to counter the sharingan.

Naruto and the 8tails are looking for Madara.
Does he really think he can maintain control over those paths? Ill make him regret that move.

Perhaps its about time to play my triumph card, but i am having compagny kukuku. Some things have to wait.

Sasuke : Itachi, naruto, the 8 tails, madara, you really talk to much Kabuto.
You can counter the sharingan?
Why dont you test it against my eyes?

Sasuke stands behind him. Kabuto: Might as well just start with my triumph card right now kuku.
Having inherited orochimaru's knowledge with his cells, sure has been interesting.

A coffin appears from the ground.

A figure with long hair and a goatee steps out of the coffin.

Kabuto: At least you save me the trouble of taking you away from the base.
Meet my great grandfather.

by Kendro
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 3,123
Property: Naruto