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Naruto 555 Prediction: The Tailed Beast Rasengan
Naruto is focusing to produce the Bijuu Rasengan. As the chakra is compressed, the ground cracks and the chakra is dispelled. Naruto is on his back, on the floor.

Naruto: ( Damn… I must get this right or old man Raikage will kill them all)

The Raikage appears in front of Naruto, in mid-air, his lighting infused hand pointed at Naruto. A chakra arm is formed from Naruto’s belly and grabs the Raikage by his neck; it pulls him away from Naruto.

Naruto: ( What is missing? )

Flashback to Naruto’s training with Bee.

Bee: Fool you almost had it. You lack confidence. You just need to add some more stability, and it’s ready to go go, yo !. I’m sure you will get right when you are in a tight spot mothafocka.

Naruto: More stability? That reminds me. I used the same method to perfect Rasenshuriken. When I stabilized it, I was able to throw it, encasing it in… Hey uncle Bee, do you know about Sage Mode?

Bee: Sage Mode?

Naruto: Using natural energy along with my normal chakra in perfect balance, I can enter Sage Mode, which drastically boosts my power. When I learned how to encase Rasenshuriken in sage chakra, I could throw it. I was wondering, could I enter Sage Mode while acessing the Kyubi’s chakra? I once acessed Kyubi’s chakra, while in Sage mode for brief moments, but involuntarily.

Bee: I must say, I would label it impossible. I explained you that when you use that chakra , you shelve your own fool. I guess you could leak some of your own chakra, to use it for Sage Mode, but not to mention it would be really hard, it would also be very risky, because for that you must loosen the seal a little. It’s a good oportunity for the Kyubi to try and take it’s chakra back.

Naruto: I guess I have to take my chances.

Scene changes to the real Naruto.

Naruto: ( My clone) I’m fighting an old man from your village Bee! The Third Raikage!

Bee: ( He can gather information from his clones at real time? Normally he would have to dispel them to absorb any kind of information or experience. Impressive.)

He’s focusing, and he losens the seal a little, the seal keeping the Kyubi’s chakra on a separate part of him. Naruto can feel some of his chakra mixing with the Kyubi’s.

Bee: What are you doing fool?

Naruto: You’ll see.

Naruto: ( I must make this quick, I can’t leave the seal like that too long).

Scene back on Naruto clone.

The Raikage dashes for Naruto. Naruto outspeeds him around, and grabs him by the neck again, pulling him to the ground. While the Raikage’s face is on the ground, another arm appears, and slams a planetary rasengan on his back. Naruto dashes away. He concentrates for Sage Mode. The Raikage is on his feet again, and going for Naruto.

Third Raikage: Lighing Release: Black Chimaera

The Third Raikage creates too orbs of black lighting in each hand and slams them into each other; he places both his palms pointing at Naruto, as many dragon shaped beams of black lighting are fired at Naruto, in a similar fashion of Darui’s Laser Circus. Naruto creates a mini-Rasenshuriken on each finger and throws them.

Naruto: Shuriken Shadow Clone

They multiply, and rain upon the Raikage, trespassing the black lighting with ease, and dispelling it. The Raikage is hit from all possible angles, while Naruto tries to enter Sage Mode. Naruto was still not fast enough, and the Raikage barely misses him. Naruto: Summoning Jutsu!

Gamaken is summoned.

Naruto: Aid me Gamaken, buy me some time. Be carefull, your shield might come handy.

Gamaken: I’m too clumsy, but I’ll try.

Gamaken tries to smash the Raikage with his weapon. The Raikage dodges. Naruto is almost done. Naruto suddenly opens his eyes, and the floor trembles around him. A shade of orange covers the area around his eyes, and his pupils now are shaped like a ‘’ + ‘’ signal. Gamaken receives a lariat. Naruto dismisses him. Naruto moves and appears right behind the Third Raikage. He moved instanly, as if he teleported.

Kabuto: ( What the hell did he do? Sage Mode? This keeps getting better kukuku. He’s no ordinary kid. Naruto-kun… You’ve come a long way since you beat me using the 4th’s jutsu.)

Naruto: Big Ball Rasengan !

Naruto slams a huge Rasengan into the Third Raikage’s Hell Stab: Four–Finger Nukite. A huge explosion takes place, and both are thrown backwards. A Rasenshuriken appears from the dust and smoke, and hits the Raikage, engulfing him in a turbulent explosion.

Naruto: ( My last chance)

Naruto begins charging the Tailed Beast Rasengan. The chakra begins rotating, and compressed into a really small ball, that spins at a ridiculous speed, while a crater is formed where Naruto is standing; the sound created by it is deafening.

Naruto: ( Yes! It’s stable. It’s heavier than never. Let’s see how my plan goes.)

Naruto’s chakra arms, and his cloak form something that looks like the fox’s head. The small ball is now being held by the ghostly fox’s mouth. The Third Raikage appears in front of Naruto, his faces only centimeter away, as the Raikage is engulfed in a blaze of dark orange light. The Rasengan is fired. A titanic explosion takes place, taking down the Raikage and several kilometers of the landscape behind him; various rocky formation are desintegrated. Temari is in shock, and sweat is running down her face. Gaara and Oonoki notice the explosion.

Gaara: ( That’s Tailed Beast Chakra! Was that Naruto…?)
emari: ( What is this power? How…?) SEALING TEAMS GET OVER THERE AND SEAL HIM

Naruto is collapsing. The clone is dismissed.

Temari’s jaw drops.

Temari: A clone?!?! That was all a CLONE?!!

Dodai: Konoha… Always has something to keep Kumo far away from it’s gates. Amazing.

by Kendro
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 4,518
Property: Naruto