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A Flamin' Story Part 11-Sasuke Uchiha's Cunning
Hinata's team had finally arrived in Esselnotunahyew village. They began to ask around the village and discovered that the Akatsuki hideout was at the Northernmost part of the village.

Meanwhile, in the Akatsuki hideout, Naruto was still daring Zetsu to face him. He heard footsteps and looked towards the door that led into the main building. The door slowly opened and he saw the figure of someone hidden in the shadows approaching him. The first thing he noticed was the sandals, then the dark trousers, a sword, a white shirt, then the figure's face was revealed in the light. He had dark eyes and black spiky hair.

"Tell me you spiky-haired jackass.Are you Zetsu?!"Naruto yelled."Spiky haired jackass...that's a new one. You're still as noisy and annoying as always...Uzumaki Naruto,"the figure said. "Uzumaki Naruto?"Naruto questioned. At that moment,the person realized that Naruto had lost his memory. "That's your name...Uzumaki Naruto"the stranger said. "And who are you?Are you Zetsu?"Naruto asked. "No.I am Uchiha Sasuke...your best friend."the stranger said. "My best friend...right...and I suppose you'll tell me next that I belong with the Akatsuki and the Thieves are my enemy"Naruto said with a sarcastic laugh.

The Thieves meanwhile had found their way into the hideout.They were hiding and watching this new development.Sasuke had already noticed them but he pretended as if he hadn't. "No...the Thieves are not your enemy.They are your friends.Your true enemies are the people of Konoha. The ones that are your greatest threat are a group of three. A girl with brute strength from the Haruno clan and a boy and girl from the Hyuuga clan.ify them by the veins that appear around their eyes when they activate their jutsu" Sasuke said.

"I don't believe you!"Naruto roared. "I expected as much.They are headed this way.If you want to know the truth,temporarily disband yourself from the thieves and join me,you will soon know for yourself who your true enemy is," Sasuke said as he reached out his hand. Saori was praying that Naruto would refuse but he accepted Sasuke's offer.

The Thieves were horrified but Ken didn't seem surprised."See what did I tell you?Ninjas can't be trusted"he said. "You were right,let's retreat"Saori said in dismay,then the Thieves left."

"Good,now Naruto,hide behind that pillar and listen closely to every word.The Konoha brats are almost here"Sasuke instructed and Naruto obeyed.

Hinata ,Sakura and Neji had found the Akatsuki hideout.It was not difficult to find since it had stupidly been painted in the Akatsuki uniform colours. "Sakura, do the honours,"Neji said. Sakura pulled on her glove,concentrated her chakra into her fist and..."CHAAA!!!" she roared as she punched the wall with all her might. In the next moment,the entire wall collapsed. Team Hinata walked gallantly into the hideout.

'"SASUKE?!"Sakura exclaimed in shock. "Well,well,well.If it isn't the savage brute Sakura"Sasuke mocked. Sakura frowned,"WHERE'S NARUTO?!"Sakura roared. "Who?"Sasuke pretended to be ignorant. "The next time I ask this question,my fist will connect with your jaw NOW ANSWER THE QUESTION!!!"Sakura demanded. "Oh I think I recall someone by that name.Is he the same Naruto you accused of being responsible for the destruction of Butmajabu and Hinata's almost fatal injury.Oh now I remember, he's the one you said doesn't exist anymore am I right.Well with friends like you he can't have many enemies"Sasuke said with a laugh.

Sakura and Neji were trembling with guilt. "We did all those things but we were wrong.That's why...?" Sakura was saying when Sasuke began to applaud. "You've heard everything for yourself Naruto.Now why don't you come and greet your 'friends'?"Sasuke said. Hinata,Sakura and Neji gasped in shock. Naruto appeared from behind the pillar.His eyes were shut and tears were flowing down his face.

"Naruto..."Hinata said with a relieved smile. Naruto's features became tensed.He was trembling with fury and his tears began to evaporate."Unforgivable,Unforgivable..."Naruto kept saying. "Naruto?" Hinata said in a concerned tone. "UNFORGIVABLE!!!I'LL MAKE YOU PAY YOU WRETCH!!!!"Naruto roared and in the next instant he had sprouted eight tails! "Perfect!Show them your fury!"Sasuke urged with a satisfied smile.
HInata,Sakura and Neji stared at the manifestation of Naruto's latent fox powers in horror.How would they face him.

Watch out for the next chapter!A Flamin' Story part 12-It was you!

by LegendaryLordVega
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 2,335
Property: Naruto