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-Those that stand in the way of destruction
(Naruto and Killer Bee look on in the face in the face of ruin.)
Naruto: “And just when I thought having a sharingan and Rinnegan weren’t enough; they have their bijuu powers too!”
(Tobi casually folds his arms.)
Tobi: “Lights out.” (Roushi makes a handseal and is forming an ever growing ball of lava held together by plates of rock. The other five stretches out their palms, Naruto and Killer Bee are lifted off of the branch.)
Killer Bee: “Wah!?”
Naruto: “It’s one of the six path’s techniques! We’re going to be thrown into that attack!” (Without a second notice, Naruto and Killer Bee are thrust forward.)
Killer Bee: “Hold tight, kid!”
Naruto: “AHHH!” (Naruto and Killer Bee are painfully absorbed into the mess of smoldering magma.)
Tobi: “That was easier than I thought. Now I can-
(The gigantic ball of molted and plated rock starts to distort. Pieces are flying off everywhere. Then, it explodes, forcing the hosts to take cover. A loud weeeee is shouted from the midst. As the smoke clears, Killer Bee can be seen in Version 1, multiple tails awakened, Samehada in one hand, Naruto, in normal mode, slumped over his free arm.)
I see, Samehada. That man’s trouble, I regret letting that weapon slip away.” (Killer Bee sheathes Samehada. Killer Bee then outreaches his right arm, makes a fist and points it to the sky.)
Killer Bee: “EIGHTO! LET’S GO!” (Killer Bee is entering his completed Bijuu form. The other hosts surround him, but are warded off by the huge, powerful tentacles of the Hachibi. The entire surrounding shakes terrible, Tobi and his minions regroup. The forested area is reduced to a plain. Hachibi is brought forth, Naruto, unconscious and slightly crisped all over rests on his enormous head. The minions surround the Hachbi from far away while Tobi appears in front of him.)
Tobi: “Well, two can play at that game.” (Tobi makes a handseal and retreats to a safer location. All of a sudden, the minions also undergo transformations. The tailed beasts of legend are awakened in full.)
Killer Bee: “I make haste to waste you all!” (The tailed beasts all project highly dense balls of chakra at the Hachibi’s body, the tentacles of the Hachibi wraps around its body to form a protective dome. Hachibi’s tentacles are now brittle and are falling apart.)
Hachibi (inside Killer Bee’s head): “I can’t keep taking attacks like that, fool! (On the outside, Killer Bee goes on the offensive. He pounds the ground regularly. This creates earthquakes and lopsided terrains. While the other beasts besides Shichibi are shaken up, Killer Bee spots Shichibi in mid-air. It fires a chakra stream at him so Killer Bee blocks it with his left arm.
Killer Bee tries to swat Shichibi out of mid-air, but it evades and tries to attack the stagnant Naruto, that’s on top of Killer Bee’s head with its antler. Killer Bee notices this, so he swings his head and knocks Shichibi down with his horn. This causes Naruto’s body to fall to the ground.)
Killer Bee: “Oops!” (Killer Bee tries to pick Naruto up but Killer Bee is wacked upside the head by large thrown boulder. Killer Bee lets out a roar as he turns his head in the direction to spot the Yonbi. The Yonbi beats its chest jumps at Killer Bee. Yonbi grabs hold of Killer Bee’s horns and rapidly kicks him in the face with its powerful hind legs. As that is going on, the other tailed beasts are launching chakra blasts at the Hachibi’s body.
Killer Bee lets out an intimidating roar and blasts the shit out of the Yonbi with a partial bijuu bomb. Killer Bee then uses its tentacles to defend itself once again from the chakra blasts. Killer Bee’ appears to be almost submitted as its body is deteriorating. Meanwhile, Shichibi is descending rapidly towards Naruto’s location. Inside Naruto’s mind he pictures the Kages last words to him. Immediately, we are shown Naruto in the 3rd tailed state [no glow mode, the original tailed states; sharp teeth and nails, crazed killer look]. Naruto lets out a feral shout, the chakra wave sends Schibi off course. Naruto spots Killer Bee in trouble.)
Naruto: “It’s time to win, at all costs!”

by sagarpdy
Written: 2 years ago
Views: 1,892
Property: Naruto