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Why Sasuke?
In my dreams.... I was about to see the person i so longed to see. The hideout was just ahead with Sakura by my side. As i entered i could feel my heart beating faster and faster. As i ran through the dark and ominous hallway, i could just imagine what he would look like after all this time. Sakura was just as excited as i was and i have to find him for her. I still remeber the promise i made to bring him back home but, i feel that when i do she will not be as close to her heart as i am now. It seems as if we've been running forever trying to catch up tp him. After 20 minutes of searching, we took a brake hoping to regain our strength. Kakashi went on ahead to see what he could find. Then suddenly he heard a intense yell comming from the dark end of the hallway. We looked at each other and i could tell by her exspression she was worried. We ran down the hallway as fast as we could and when we got there we seen the most evil man on earth, Orochimaru. Kakashi then suddenly appeared in front of us and told us to continue our search for Sasuke while he held up Orochimaru. We left Kakashi there and went on and finally after going down 15 hallways we got to the last door. We peered in and seen Sasuke training with some knid of lighting jutsu. Without a word Sakura busting in crying and i followed. Sasuke then looked at us and said "What are you two doing here?" and we both replyed at the same time "To bring you home!". He then laughed with amusement and said"Why worry about me comming home when it is a waste of time and besides its not like you can make me." Naruto answered "I cant make you or even beg you, but i can ask for u to come home were you belong."All he said was "never" and with that knowledge Naruto said "Why Sasuke,Why!" Thats when i woke up and i would never know or even understand why he wont come home to me,Sakura or the whole village.

by pitbullgirl7
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 424
Property: Naruto