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the real akatsuki
deep in the forest of everon in england was a village,if you were to see this village you would be amazed at how the village was consealed in the forest of everon the houses were madde of wood like those timber houses of lumberjacks.the village was surrounded by a thick maze of thron bushes deseined to let the people of the akatsuki in and out by not let anyone else in. the forest was on a slope and at the bottem of the slope was a river consealed in the woods the rivers waters were perfectly clean thanks to the limestone it ran through.in this village lived a very strange group of people from all over the world. these people where unknown to anyone exept for their famlies, these were the akatsuki. they were the only group of people in the world that could control and use the elements. the leader of these people was called by all the as the great Kage. and we'll be following him through his reighn of power that will soon lead him to make world peace.

by killonsight95
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 397
Property: Naruto