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The Deep Love Between Gaara And Hinata Part 2.
After Gaara and Hinata got married they realized that they rushed in to things a little too quickly, but they loved each other. So Hinata came up with an idea, so that their relationship would stay together. They would slow things down a little and get their act together. Their was one small problem Hinata still liked Naruto just a little. But she couldn’t leave Gaara she loved him to much. Days passed, and time went by. But every day that went by they still thought about each other. They went to bed every day with their backs to each other and feel asleep with out saying a word. They thought if they staid to them self their would be less stress on each other, but Gaara was scared of losing Hinata, and Hinata was scared of losing him. Things began to separate slowly between them. Gaara finally stood up and said that he wasn’t going to let her slip threw his fingers. So he sat her down to talk to her, and as he started talking to her things got hot and heavy. Hinata apologized jumping into Gaara’s arms. Gaara apologized embracing her with open arms, they kissed passionately. Gaara do you love me, do you want to be with me forever? Gaara was wondering what was going on why she was asking this question, but he did not care he loved her any way so he said yes. Then this is were I should tell you that am pregnant and its yours. Gaara was so fucking happy he was speechless and unable to move…………………Gaara finally came to and said he was so happy that he was a dad and that she was baring his child.*Gaara remembered his mother and his birth and how this mother had died.* But he did not want to bring that bad karma on Hinata……………………………………………………………..To Be Continued.

by gaaraoftheakatsuki
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 412
Property: Naruto