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The Fire ~Chapter 2~(Sasori)
&quot;Mizu, then&quot; The puppet master agreed.<br />
&quot;Thank you&quot; I said and relaxed my arms to my side.<br />
&quot;So Deidara-kun, what do you need after two years?&quot;I quizzed him.<br />
&quot;Uhm, it&#039;s alot to ask, un. Would you join the Akatsuki, hmm?&quot; he asked.<br />
&quot;Yes, I&#039;d love to&quot; I told him.<br />
&quot;Good, yeah&quot; He breathed in relief &quot;I thought we&#039;d have to force you, un&quot; He said.<br />
I smiled and shook my head. &quot;Let&#039;s go then&quot; I urged.<br />
We started out toward HQ and it took us 2 hours by flight. Do you have any idea how bored I was? Of course being me I flirted with the idea of jumping off, but, of course Sasori had chakra strings on me before I could get to the edge.<br />
We walked casually to the entrance of the Akatsuki HQ. Deidara put in the password and led me in with Sasori behind me. <br />
After talking to the leader I got a cloak.<br />
&quot;Hey, uhm, this cloak is awfully restricting. Can I maybe alter it to fit my style?&quot; I asked after trying it on once. I hated clothes like that.<br />
&quot;Yes&quot; The deep voice of the leaders confirmed.<br />
I alternated it to be a belly shirt and shorts that went to the top of my thigh. <br />
&quot;You will be with Deidara and Sasori, I take it you all know each other&quot; The leader assumed<br />
&quot;yes&quot;I said &#039;Thank you captain obvious&#039; I thought, then laughed at my self.

by adrenalineXlove
Written: 5 years ago
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