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BFF'S for life-4
Sent along with us was a girl named Kahiro. I never really got to know her. Upon arriving to the star-village we were met by Daisuke the man who would be our sensei from that point on.<br />
&quot;Hey kids,&quot;<br />
&quot;Who is this?&quot; Kahiro said annoyed<br />
the chunin who was ordered to bring us here laughed. Here he said pushing us toward him.<br />
&quot;they are your problem now&quot; he yelled as he disapperd into the trees.<br />
&quot;Damn it,&quot;Kahiro muttered<br />
I stared into the direction the man had went, and began to cry. I had never been more that a few meters away from the village not to mention the Huyga compound.<br />
&quot;What a cry baby&quot; Kahiro said walking towards our new sensei.<br />
&quot;Shut up!&quot; i said gasping between sobs<br />
&quot;Oh does the baby miss her mommy&quot; <br />
that hit a nerve. I stood and lunged toward her. We were rolling around on the ground punching eachother randomly for about ten minutes until I started dominating the fight. Finally Daisuke-sensei broke us up. <br />
&quot;Thats enough!&quot; he said in a harsh tone. I moved away from him and stood next to Lei who had been standing off in the far corner of the clearing. <br />
&quot;I dont want you guys fighting&quot; Daisuke said still holding Kahiro back.<br />
Too bad that was the first of many fights to come....<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />

by Rukia-Kakashi
Written: 5 years ago
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