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Kakashi's Miracle chapter 4
"Well of course the father has to know before anyone, right?" smiled Anko. "Well I guess your right...but..." thought Shizune. "And he's not back...and I have know idea when he is coming back, so, I thought I could just try to hide it. I'm not that big?.....Am I?" asked Anko. "Um,.... well you kind of are, but here I will walk back to Lady Tsunade's place with you." cringed Shizune while smiling not knowing how Anko would take her response. To her surprise Anko took it rather well, and the two of them walked back to the hokage's office. “He as in Kakashi?” asked Shizune with a grin.

by shikamarugal22
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 328
Property: Naruto