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Kakashi's miracle chapter 5
While on the way back to the office, Shizune carried the dumplings for Lady Tsunade and Anko walked at her own slow pace while talking. "Hey Anko how long have you and Kakashi been together?" asked Shizune. "Hmm...maybe...a long time." responded Anko. "Hey! That wasn't very helpful." smiled Shizune. "Whatever." smiled Anko,"Kakashi and I like to keep our personal lives to ourselves and not very many people know about us being together." The two of them reached the top of the stairs. "Man...I'm...pooped..." panted Anko heavily. Shizune glanced in Anko direction and smirked, "Well, it is a good way to loose all those extra pounds of dumplings you've been eating." Anko glared at Shizune with a deathly gaze as if she was going to kill her 50 times over and said, “When I am in better shape, Shizune you better run.". Then Shizune quickly turned the opposite direction towards Lady Tsunade's office. When she was about to knock on the door, they both heard a familiar voice. The two of them both thought it was Kakashi but they couldn't be sure. The voice was deep like Asuma's, but it couldn't have been him because he has already passed on. It was a possibility that it could be Gai but he had already left on a mission early in the morning. The only other jounin that had such a deep voice was Kakashi. The two of them thought that he had returned.

by shikamarugal22
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 351
Property: Naruto