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Kakashi's Miracle chapter 6
Anko and Shizune were at the door listening in on the conversation that Lady Tsunade was having with the supposed Kakashi Hatake. The suspense was killing Anko so Shizune opened the door. They didn't see anyone but the back of a chair and Lady Tsunade who was talking to it. “Okay she's lost it." thought Anko. "Why are you talking to a chair Lady Tsunade?" asked Shizune. They heard the voice again. "I'm not a chair and I'm serious Tsunade I need a rescue team pronto!" barked the chair. "You know I can't do that I have already sent all the available chunin and jounin out on missions and if I send any more the protection of the Leaf Village will be at steak. I will not risk it just to save him. There was silence in the room that made Lady Tsunade very uncomfortable. Shizune broke the silence," Lady Tsunade I found Anko and I brought you the dumplings you wanted."Lady Tsunade watched Anko as she entered the room. She notices that Anko was getting pretty big and thought that she was getting closer to her due date. "Thank you Shizune. Here take a seat Anko." smiled Tsunade. Anko sat down and she saw who was in the chair. It was Pakuun, one of Kakashi's many ninja dogs. "Listen Anko, Kakashi is..." started Tsunade but was interrupted by the dog again."…going to die if we don't get there in time with a medic and backup!" growled Pakuun. After he said that Anko was in total shock and was tearing up, about ready to burst into tears, but she fought them back long enough to hear what Lady Tsunade was going to say. "Would you shut-up already?! I was getting to that! Anyways I will do everything I can to prevent anything from happening to Kakashi.".“You just said that you weren't going to send anybody!" barked Pakuun. "Well I am now because I know how bad it feels to loose someone you love to death and I don't want you to experience it Anko so don't worry." smiled Tsunade. “ Thank You Lady Tsunade.” smiled Anko as she wiped her tears away from her bold gray eyes.

by shikamarugal22
Written: 5 years ago
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Property: Naruto