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the untold story part five
&quot;what you want me to take on them by myself?!&quot; kagome said. &quot;kagome i can trust you on this mission.&quot; tsunade said. &quot;look who i am talking to. you know were you come from. that is why i think you can do it.&quot; &quot;alright i will do it.&quot; kagome said. &quot;if i am not back in at least 3 days send anbu to help.&quot; as she left the village she had some doubts. &quot;i don&#039;t think i can do this alone.&quot; she said. &quot;well if she thinks i can do it then maybe i can.&quot; as she aproched the cave where the akastki were at she looked around. &quot;okay coast is clear.&quot; kagome said as she teleported into the cave. &quot;we have been expecting you.&quot; a familier voice said. &quot;come kagome.&quot; &quot;i know that voice.&quot; kagome said. &quot;i know it isn&#039;t him but it sounds like...&quot; just then someone steped out of the dark. &quot;it can&#039;t be!!!&quot; kagome exclaimed &quot;it&#039;s....&quot;<br />
<br />
to be continued......

by mangaluver13
Written: 5 years ago
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