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the untold story part six
&quot;yes it is me kagome.&quot; the man said. &quot;i thought you were dead.&quot; kagome said. &quot;were are the rest of them?&quot; &quot;they are all out on the missions i gave them.&quot; he said. &quot;i guess you will do to bring back to the village.&quot; kagome said. &quot;unexcapable genjutsu. endless darkness.&quot; all of a sudden the man fell down and looked like he was in a transe. kagome teleproted over to the man and tied him up. &quot;time to go back to the village.&quot; kagome said as she teleported back to the hokage&#039;s mansion. &quot;look who i found.&quot; kagome said sarcasticly to tsunade. &quot;can it be him?&quot; tsunade said. &quot;yes it is.&quot; kagome said. &quot;do you want me to get jiriya and kakashi?&quot; &quot;why not.&quot; tsunade said. when kagome came back with both of them, they were really suprised. &quot;what the!!!&quot; jiriya said &quot;i thought he was dead!!!&quot; &quot;master!!!&quot; kakashi said.<br />
<br />
to be continued...

by mangaluver13
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 281
Property: Naruto