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ItaKaru~Part 2
&quot;Soooooooo, um&quot; Itachi said nervously. &quot;I think the project should be on the schools history&quot; Karuakue said flatly. Itachi nodded, &quot;Fine&quot; he replied coldly. Class dismissed. Eveyone went out in the hall for lunch. As Karuakue sat down next to Temari and Tayuya, Itchi pulled her side. Once they were in a zone where people couldn&#039;t hear. Itachi spoke up in a calm whisper&quot; Karuakue, well, uhh, since were patners and all. I say, no, umm, can you, will you go to thedance with me?&quot; Karuakue stood dumb founded. &quot;Whst? No! If you cant ask me aloud than no!&quot; She said, and sat back down. <br />
<br />
At the dance. Everyone had a date. Even Sasori and deidara. Karuakue stood in a corner. Her dark purple dress went all the way down to her knees. She stood there, watching, half giggleing, at shikio. Itachi walked up to her. Held out his hand, and asked her to dance. She sighed and took his hand. &quot;Whatever&quot; she said. They walked out to the dancefloor. His hands around her lower back, and her hands over his shoulders. The slow songs played. Eventually, they leaned closer. Then, Karuakue kissed Itachi. Everyone saw. <br />
<br />
They would be together till graduation, or longer.<br />
<br />
To be contuined at graduation.

by Lolz91
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 232
Property: Naruto