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ItaKaru~part 3
Graduation day. The robes were on and they diplomas were almost completly out. &quot;Itachi Uchiha&quot; the principal said. &quot;Blaize Aiyogame&quot; &quot;Karuakue......urm.&quot; They couldnt get her last name right. The principal whispered in Karuakue&#039;s ear&quot;Should we use your adopted name?&quot; Karuakue sighed and rolled her eyes. &quot;Kakashi-sensei adopted me right?&quot; The principal focused her attention to the crowd. &quot;Karuakue Hatake&quot; <br />
<br />
The first week of summer break, everyone, seinors, freshman, softmore, and juniors were at the beach. Everyone passed exams. The seniors graduated. Couples formed and broke up. Everybody was close enough to happy. Karuakue sunbathed, along with the girls. All of the variety in their colors mde them look like a rainbow. sasuke went out for ice cream. Deidara, Naruto, Kiba, and Sasori were surfing. And the rest of the guys were chilling by the water, or some, in the water. Itachi looked at Karuakue, reading under an umbreella. He called out to her, &quot;Hey. Karuakue, come sit by the water with me and Shikio.&quot; Karuakue looked up. She glanced at Tayuya and they both walked over. Tayuya gave Shikio a kiss and sat down. Karuakue sat down next to Itachi and let the water get her feet. They both blushed and smiled. All was peacefull.

by Lolz91
Written: 5 years ago
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