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ItaKaru-part 4
The date was at end. Itachi and karuakue had been going out for a year and 6 months (according to shikio). Itachi led Karuakue to her door. He got s nervous look on his fsce. He then, kneeled down on one knee. &quot;Urm....Kar..Karuakue,will, you...uhh, well, marry me?&quot; It took him forever but it was so romantic. The date was set for summer.<br />
<br />
It had been 3 months. Karuakue in a slim, long, dress. the vei was on the back of her head and flowed to her waist. she walked up the isle. After the long boring vows and the kiss. The reseption. Everyone gave congrats and Kakashi almost cried twice. Lee was trying to dance and Sasuke threw a fit about Karuakue marrying Itachi.<br />
<br />
All was well, for now

by Lolz91
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 305
Property: Naruto