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the untold story part seven
&quot;tsunade,&quot; kagome said. &quot;let me intaragate himfirst.&quot; &quot;okay.&quot; tsunade said. &quot;and tsunade do not let naruto know.&quot; kagome said. &quot;same with you two.&quot; kagome took him and teleported to a dark room. &quot;ka release!&quot; kagome released the genjutsu she put on him. &quot;so why did you leave the village and make the akasti, father!!&quot; &quot;you were always so smart, kagome.&quot; he said. &quot;but why did you make an organization that is tring to kill your son?!?!&quot; kagome asked rasing her voice. &quot; i do not know why.&quot; he said. &quot;i will be right back.&quot; kagome said as she teleported to the hokage&#039;s office. &quot;tsunade,&quot; kagome said. &quot;let my father stay in the village under my watch.&quot; &quot; will you make sure that he dose not do anything to harm the village.&quot; tsunade said. &quot;yes ma&#039;am!&quot; kagome said. &quot;but i will send a team to the hideout to take out the rest of them.&quot; &quot;okay.&quot; kagome said. &quot;but do not send naruto.&quot; tsunade nodded her head. kagome teleported back to the room were her father was. &quot;you are so luky i could talk tsunade into letting you stay.&quot; kagome said while she untied him. &quot;take off the clok and let&#039;s go.&quot; then she grabed him and teleported out of there. soon after they ran into naruto and kakashi. &quot;so who is this, kagome?&quot; naruto asked. &quot; i am your father&quot; their father said. &quot;WHAT!?!?!?!?&quot; naruto screamed.<br />
<br />
<br />
to be continued......

by mangaluver13
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 231
Property: Naruto