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Journey to Happiness
The journey to you is dark and so cold<br />
But the light of hope leads the way,<br />
Never questioned the reasons why I take this path<br />
But in my heart I know it&#039;s my destiny<br />
<br />
Despite all the trials I will persevere<br />
Every step brings me nearer<br />
I will fight forever<br />
For a chance with you<br />
<br />
Ah, I&#039;ll love you till the end of my days<br />
Conquering ours fears and our pain <br />
Promise me you&#039;ll always stay by my side<br />
Oh, please say it, my dearest one<br />
<br />
The sadness people hide <br />
Deep inside their hearts<br />
Pulls them to the dark <br />
And takes away their smiles<br />
<br />
So please come with me, <br />
I will make you see<br />
Happiness isn&#039;t far<br />
I&#039;ll do all I can to see us through<br />
<br />
Ah, I&#039;m always here with you<br />
Together we&#039;re strong, we&#039;ll find the way<br />
Heaven is just one prayer away<br />
Let my words give you comfort and peace...

by XSlipknotXFanX124
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 351
Property: Naruto