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Konohamaru's quest to be Hokage
Ever Konohameru was a small boy he stived to be hokage after his mentor Naruto.At first his jutsu&#039;s were nothing but perverted transformations.Then years later when he first became a ninja he became youngest ninja ever to use the resengan.Konohamaru also learned how to use shadow clones as well as Naruto.<br />
Although Konohamru was alot of great jutsu from Naruto he decided that it would be best if he used his grandfathers jutsu.After the defeat of Pein Naruto was crowned hokage.Years latter Konohamaru learned to use shuriken shadow clone jutsu thanks to his great knowlege of shadow clones.<br />
He then learned how to summon his granfather&#039;s asistant Enma.Konohamru even learned how summon Son Goku lord of the ape round.He easily aciched the rank of Jonin.As konoharu always liked to do with his grand father chalenge him to duels he chalenged Naruto.<br />
He of course lost this duel but he was able to take his skills to the next level learned how comunicate with the dead thought the Reaper Death Seal.He was just like the Third Hokage as Naruto was the Fourth.He acieved the rank of Hokage and led his village to victory against the war with the mist.This is the legacy of the seventh Hokage.

by akatsuki98
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 308
Property: Naruto